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  • I am still here!

    I am still here!

    Are you still open? Yes – I most certainly am still open. Struggling to make a living but very much still here. Still photographing dogs, training dogs (and their owners) and a few other bits and bobs mostly involving dogs and animals so that I might be able make enough money to pay those pesky…

  • Unavoidable Price Increases

    Unavoidable Price Increases

    Photography Price Increases As I am sure may of you will know, my prices have stayed the same over the last few turbulent years, and I have been doing my best to ensure that I keep my costs as low as possible to allow me to charge what I do. However, my operating costs have…

  • The Shooting The Dog Gift Shop

  • What Do Shooting The Dog Do?

    Pet Photography I suspect that you already know that here at Shooting The Dog we will photograph your pet – either in the studio or out at a location of your choice. Photography Gift Vouchers You can also purchase pet photography gift vouchers – they might be the perfect present for your animal mad friends…

  • On Location Photography

  • Why Wall Art?

    Why Choose One Of Our Wall art Pieces? Why spend money on a professional photo shoot, only to hide your images away where no one can see them? Our wall art pieces create a statement piece for your home or office. Most of today’s photographs are quickly snapped on a smartphone and shared almost immediately…

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