Shooting The Dog

Photography For The Discerning Dog

Capturing The Soul Of Man’s Best Friend

Based in the town of Brixham, at the southern end of Torbay in South Devon,  we are dog and pet photography specialists.

We don’t shoot weddings, or family groups, or passport photos.
We photograph pets – it’s what we are good at.
We are happy to photograph any pet that you may have, 
but the main focus is dogs …. lots of dogs.

Dogs in the studio

We cover Torbay and the surrounding areas. We are happy to join you and your dog(s) in a location of your choice, come out to your home, or you could come and visit the studio for a more formal portrait sitting.

Dog running through the spring flowers

In the park, in the woods, or on their favourite beach, nothing captures the spirit of your dog like a photograph of it really enjoying itself in the great outdoors.

Dog in the water

If you have a salty sea dog, we are even happy to get in the water with your dog.

It’s mostly about dogs, but we are more than happy to shoot your other pets too!

Rabbit 1
Cat Portrait
Rabbit 2

Find out more details in the What does it cost and what happens? section.

Need more information? 
Send us an e-mail via the contact page, and we’ll arrange a convenient time to call you to discuss your requirements.

Please feel free to spread the word, and share with your friends.

Thank You.


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