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What Dog Photography Services Do We Offer?

We are passionate about your dogs, and as a result we offer various dog photography services designed to create lasting memories for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

In the studio or out on location, our photo shoots are fun – for the dogs, for the photographer and for you! If everyone is having fun then everyone is relaxed; and a relaxed dog is what we want in our portraits..

Professional, friendly service with A1 products! Tom is a genuine, friendly guy who’s knowledge of dogs is great. My photos are awesome and I really enjoyed the experience.


Why get a dog portrait?

Puppies don’t stay that way for ever; and sadly our dogs don’t live as long as us. A stunning portrait of your best friend makes the perfect addition to your home and a memory to last forever.

Having sourced high quality products, we can offer superior canvas wraps, sleek aluminium panels and modern acrylic panels; as well as high quality fine art albums and loose prints.

We only offer you best quality products we have been able to find, from professional printing labs. Can you get cheaper? Sure you can, but we doubt you can find better.

The Products

Whether you want a portrait session with your dog or a very special extra gift to give away with a litter of puppies when they go to their new homes, then with our dog photography services we can help you out.

Dog Photography Services Available

For more information on the services we can provide, choose a subject below:

Dog Photography

Find out about our dog portrait photography.

Early Days Packages

Find out about our puppy packages.

Looking For Inspiration?

Why not take a look at some examples of our work?

If you can not find what you are looking for, or a have a special request that is not covered, then please contact us to let us make your dog photography dreams into reality.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

If you are looking for the perfect present for the pet lover in your life then why not think about one of our Gift Vouchers.

We can customise your gift voucher to your exact needs, just contact us and let us know what you want.

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