On Location Photography

All About Our On Location Photography

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So what is on location photography?

To Shooting The Dog, it means anywhere that we photograph your dog that isn’t in the studio. So it could be in your local park, on the beach or even in your back garden. In this blog we try and explain what we can do on location, and the options available to you in the great outdoors.

For The fun-loving Action Dogs

On Location – Action Photography

Often when we mention on location photo shoots people immediately think of our action shots. And, if your dog is an action dog, then this might well be the type of on location photography you are looking for.

Nothing really captures the spirit of your all-action dog like a stunning photograph of them in full flight.

A More Laid Back Approach

On Location – Outdoor Portraiture

If your dog is more of a laid back sole then maybe the on location photography choice for you would be an outdoor portrait.

After all, not every dog is an elite athlete!

Bring A Friend

More Then One Dog

Our photo shoot prices include up to three dogs in a session, so why not invite a friend or two to share your photo shoot?

We’ll do our best to capture individual shots of each dog and (if they let us) some shots with all the dogs involved.

In The Water

One of the things we love to do on location in the summer is to get in the water with your dogs. This offers a unique viewpoint to get some really stunning photographs.

Natural Light Or Off Camera Flash

We try to use natural light as much as possible. But sometimes to get the shot you want we need to add a little light to the process. Where the natural light is not quite in the right place or not quite strong enough, or we want to include a sunrise or sunset in the shot, then we have our mobile studio light to come to the rescue.

The Great British Weather

On location photography does come with one problem, the weather. We are very good but we can’t control the weather. However, we can be flexible, and if the weather decides to do it’s worst then we will work with you to ensure that we can re-arrange things to a better day that works for you.

It’s not just rain, things can get too hot in the summer. So we are available in the early mornings and into the evenings to ensure that our super models don’t overheat during their photo shoot.

On Location Photography

Are you ready to book your dog in for an on location photo shoot?

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