The Glorious Bramble

The Glorious Bramble

A hairy bundle of fun and joy

Of all the wonderful dogs I have had the pleasure of photographing while out on our dog walks, none give me more pleasure than the glorious Bramble.

This bearded collie exudes everything good about dogs. He’s big, he’s always excited, and he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.

He’s always up for a game of ball, and makes my job as a dog photographer a pure pleasure.

The Glorious Bramble

A challenge for a photographer

The Glorious Bramble

He’s a full on action dog, which presents a pleasant challenge for me as a photographer.

Always on the move, keeping him in the the shot is definitely not easy. He also has a knack of positioning himself in the worst light available. He is certainly not a dog you can just pick up and move somewhere else.

Quick and agile.

The Glorious Bramble

For a quite large dog, Bramble is extremely quick and agile. For a photographer, his colouring is quite a challenge. Ensuring the whites aren’t blown out and that there is detail in the dark areas can be tricky when he has decided to be half in the shade when you want to take the shot.

It is photographing dogs like Bramble that make me realise why I enjoy my job so much. I am forever thankful that I get the opportunity to work with such wonderful creatures, and even make some money while doing it. I can’t really imagine doing anything else now.

So I would just like to thank the glorious Bramble (and his humans) for allowing me to play with him, and to capture his spirit and his joy of life in the photographs I have taken. I look forward to seeing him again very soon, and just hope I have my camera with me when I do.

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