Introduction To Tom’s Basic Training

What’s All That About Then?

Followers of my pet photography pages will be well aware that I have been furthering my education in the area of dog behaviour recently, and have been successfully helping local dog guardians with their puppies and dogs for sometime now.

You will also probably be aware that the dog and pet photography work has been impacted massively by the cost of living crisis, and to be perfectly honest I’m just not getting enough work to make a living out of it at the moment.

So I have been looking at providing more of the dog behaviour coaching and puppy basic training services as a way of topping up the income.

Tom's Basic Training

You can find out more about what I can offer here: Tom’s Basic Training

So, as an “introductory gift” we would like to provide you with all the information you need to be aware of from a legal standpoint if you decide to become a puppy owner, or even better a dog rescuer in the UK.

I am aware that the dangerous dogs act will be amended next month to included the Bully XL breed, and I will be updating the document once the full extent of the legislation is finalised.

I hope you find the document useful and keep a look out for more dog and guardian coaching tips coming soon.

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