Winter hits back!

So, there we were all enjoying the first days of Spring – sunshine,  blue skies, everything was good in Brixham …

… then WHAM!!!

Winter came back with a vengeance.

Snow and ice, howling gales … what is going on? We don’t get snow down here, then suddenly we get it twice in one year and, just to rub salt in the wound, in the middle of March. Hate to think what effect it will have on my tulips.

Still it meant another snow day, time to close the shop and go and enjoy the snow; and Fidget had a wonderful time.


Then, just as quickly as it arrived, we were back to sunshine and blue skies again.


British Summer Time starts tomorrow, so let’s hope the weather gods are listening; we all really need to dry out down here now.

Back in the shop, and lots of framing work has been going on – a few of the jobs have been slight challenges but more of that in a later blog. We’ve had very happy bunny owners pick up their framed print, and discussions are ongoing regarding more work there. Lots of enquiries about different bits and bobs, so hopefully some of them will turn into paying work as well.

Is it too early for a Hot Cross Bun yet?


Web Sites, Rain and Games of Ball

We’ve been busy over the last few weeks updating the main website for Tom Horsley Photography (you can see it here), so the blog updates have been a quiet.

Since our last update it seems to have been raining quite a lot, not that that stops the ball playing but does make the photography slightly more of a challenge. We did manage to get some shots of Fidget’s friend Brandy on Saturday morning – she takes her ball playing very seriously!


We also had some very strong Easterly winds recently, which makes for some very dramatic views, and photographs, around the breakwater in Brixham.


We had Fidget’s mummy over to stay for a sleep over last weekend, she soon made herself at home on the sofa.


Fidget’s games continue despite the weather, and we both make the effort to get out as much as possible when we get the chance,  and there always has to be a game of ball.


Well, that’s it for now. See you all next time.









Cold and Blustery Days

Well despite the very cold and equally windy weather over the weekend, we managed to get some quality time in on the beach.


Now we are back in the shop and continuing the great re-arrange, whilst trying to get the main website updated, and getting customer work finished, and doing all the other things that must be done but stop you doing what you really want to be doing (playing ball on the beach!).

Shhh – we’ve been a bit quiet lately

Many apologies for the lack of updates, but we have been a bit busy preparing for some changes in the shop. Doesn’t mean we haven’t been out playing ball and having fun though.


In the cut-throat world of the high street shop you need to ring the changes every once in a while, so we are looking at streamlining our services and adding some new retail lines in the next few weeks. But before we can do that we need to clear some space, so we have been having a sale and trying to shift some of the framed prints off the wall to make space to sell the new stuff that is on it’s way – all will be revealed in a few weeks time!

All the dog photography, location and studio, will be coming in under the Shooting The Dog banner, and we will be pushing the brand a bit over the next few months (so feel free to spread the news!!).

The main website at is going to have a thorough over-haul as well to sit more in line with what we are now doing in the shop, and hopefully everything will link together in a smooth and professional manner (that’s  the plan anyway!). So we are going to be very busy over the next few weeks – might even find a paintbrush and give the shop a lick of paint!

In the meantime, we continue with lots of framing jobs and some dog photography (have a Bloodhound to photograph in a few days), and other bits and pieces that all help to pay the bills.

So, we might be a bit quiet over the next few days, but we’ll let you know as soon as we are ready to face the world in our slightly different (but pretty much the same) identity.

Happy New Year!

We are now back at work after a nice break. During our time off Fidget and I managed to get out for lots of walks; visiting parks, woods, and beaches. Lots of fun and we even met some new friends along the way.



Now we need to get ourselves all sorted out and ready to face the year ahead, lots of plans that need thinking through and some changes in store for the business in the next few months.

Wishing you all the very best for the year ahead, and let’s hope we all achieve everything that we want to.

Surfs Up Dude!


Everything is all a bit manic in the lead up to Christmas, so it was nice to get out to the beach yesterday. Fidget decided he would get a bit of pre-Christmas surfing in while he had the chance.

Sunny Winter Days

Well the weather here in Devon has been rather chilly but lovely and sunny; perfect weather for running about like a loony on the beach.


The chilly temperatures seemed to put a lot of people off, so we had loads of room for zooming about.


But Fidget decided it was too cold for swimming, and contented himself with chasing about the beach.


Then we had time for a quick selfie in the sunshine, before heading home for a nice hot drink and a warm up in front of the fire.



A Windy Day At The Beach

Even a chilly North-Easterly wind couldn’t stop us having some fun on the beach this weekend.


There were quite a few hardy dogs and their humans about enjoying the sands at low tide, but the humans (and some of the dogs) were wrapped up against the very cold wind. A bit of running about on the beach soon warmed us up and lots of ball chasing ensued. Fidget also had a nice game with a couple of Border Terriers who tried to pinch his ball, and a very bouncy Greyhound, who gave all the terriers a good run for their money.


Did you get up to anything exciting this weekend, or did you stay curled up on the sofa in front of the fire?  (We did a lot of that as well!!)