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Happy 13th Birthday To Us

By Shooting The Dog

What Is Changing Now? We are entering an exciting new stage for Shooting The Dog, as we close down the Framing Dept. and adapt the front of the shop to be a full sized studio space. We are going to be concentrating completely on the dog and pet photography over the next few years. If…

Back In Action

By Shooting The Dog

Back and ready to go We are back in action, and excited to be able to photograph your pets again. There are still some changes to make to the new look studio, once the space becomes available to expand. Photo sessions are by appointment only, so the best way to book your pet in is…

Sir Fidget Smelly-Bottom

By Shooting The Dog

A Little Introduction Sir Fidget Smelly-Bottom is the resident dog at Shooting The Dog. He gives me plenty of practice at all types of dog photography. If you’ve visited the studio for any reason you will know he always gives you a noisy welcome. So I thought it was about time that he got a…

A Quick Fidget Update

By Shooting The Dog

Many of you know Fidget, the studio dog, either from visiting the studio, meeting him on walkies, or from his facebook page. You may know he suffers from canine epilepsy. So I thought I would give you a quick update on how he is doing and what has happened over the last few months. Back…

Why Wall Art?

By Shooting The Dog

Why Choose One Of Our Wall art Pieces? Why spend money on a professional photo shoot, only to hide your images away where no one can see them? Our wall art pieces create a statement piece for your home or office. Most of today’s photographs are quickly snapped on a smartphone and shared almost immediately…

A Blog For June

By Shooting The Dog

A rather late blog post, it’s June already what has happened to April and May? Well they seem to have sped past very quickly. So many apologies for not getting around to posting anything here for a long time. May Camping Trip May saw Fidget and me off on one of our camping trips. This…

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