Signs of Spring – At Last!


The snow has all gone, the winds have dropped and it’s beginning to look a bit spring like in Brixham.

These days, in our house, one of the signs of spring is the annual “puppy party” for my little dog Fidget, and his siblings, who turn four later this week. Every March we meet up with his brother and three sisters, along with his Mum and Dad and a few guests, for what can only be described as slightly controlled mayhem and birthday cakes.

A great time is had by all, and it’s so lovely to see how they have all grown and how well they all get along.

Now we have to get back to working and we are hoping that the nicer spell of weather will motivate a few people to come and book their pets in for a nice portrait session, or an all action session running about on the beach.

In the meantime, Fidget and I are enjoying the lovely mornings and making the most of the town and it’s surroundings before it gets busy in the summer.


We also have to decide which exciting place to visit for Fidget’s birthday trip out; maybe the woods or maybe a much needed trip up on the moors – I’ll let you know what we decide in next weeks blog.


Puppy Parties, Beach Fun and On-board Video

Since our last blog post little Fidget has turned three, and as is the tradition we had a puppy party with his Mum, Dad, and siblings (and a few hangers on!). It’s always lovely to see them all together and they all seem to remember each other.

Fidget’s Dad, Eric, coming to join the fun
Sorting out who is fetching the ball.

We have also had some nice trips to the beach in various weather conditions, but it’s always fun regardless of what mother nature throws at us. In fact as long as a ball is involved then Fidget is a happy little dog.

Fidget showing off his ball catching skills.

We have been playing about with putting a little action camera on Fidget for a couple of years now, but the resultant footage has always been a bit sea-sick inducing; so after some investigation, and a bit of gung-ho credit card usage, we have invested in a wearable 3-axis gimbal made by Feiyutech. It’s early days, but we are very impressed with the results so far. So here is a little test run we did this morning during our morning walk and ball game.

That’s it for now, hope you have as many adventures as we are planning.

Happy New Year!

We are now back at work after a nice break. During our time off Fidget and I managed to get out for lots of walks; visiting parks, woods, and beaches. Lots of fun and we even met some new friends along the way.



Now we need to get ourselves all sorted out and ready to face the year ahead, lots of plans that need thinking through and some changes in store for the business in the next few months.

Wishing you all the very best for the year ahead, and let’s hope we all achieve everything that we want to.

Sunny Winter Days

Well the weather here in Devon has been rather chilly but lovely and sunny; perfect weather for running about like a loony on the beach.


The chilly temperatures seemed to put a lot of people off, so we had loads of room for zooming about.


But Fidget decided it was too cold for swimming, and contented himself with chasing about the beach.


Then we had time for a quick selfie in the sunshine, before heading home for a nice hot drink and a warm up in front of the fire.



A Windy Day At The Beach

Even a chilly North-Easterly wind couldn’t stop us having some fun on the beach this weekend.


There were quite a few hardy dogs and their humans about enjoying the sands at low tide, but the humans (and some of the dogs) were wrapped up against the very cold wind. A bit of running about on the beach soon warmed us up and lots of ball chasing ensued. Fidget also had a nice game with a couple of Border Terriers who tried to pinch his ball, and a very bouncy Greyhound, who gave all the terriers a good run for their money.


Did you get up to anything exciting this weekend, or did you stay curled up on the sofa in front of the fire?  (We did a lot of that as well!!)







It’s November!

Well November is here, and the evenings are now dark, but the day time so far has been nice and sunny.


Perfect weather for messing about on the beach at low tide; Fidget did plenty of running about in and out of the water yesterday afternoon, and there were loads of other dogs doing exactly the same thing.


If you would like us to join you and your dog on the beach (or anywhere else) in the Torbay area for a photoshoot use the contact page to get in touch.

From now until the end of the year you can have an on location photoshoot and an A4 framed photograph for just £100 when you mention