It’s All About The Action

I love photographing dogs in all situations, and a lot of the time that is in the studio. The real challenge for me though is capturing the dogs outside, playing and running, and generally just being dogs. Action dog photography is where it is at!

Action Photography - in the woods
Extra Challenges

The obvious difficulty is just keeping up with a moving dog. But there is far more to challenge the photographer than that. The lighting can change in an instant, and if you are down in the woods getting a fast enough shutter speed to freeze the action can be a real problem.

So this means lots of practice is needed. At my local park there are no end of fun loving dogs around to give me the practice I need, and my own dog is always on hand and ready for a game of ball, if he feels like it!

Action Photography
Action Photography
Action Photography
Action Photography
The facial expressions dogs make when playing is priceless
Action Photography
Action Photography
Action Photography
Action Photography
On The BeacH

When we need a change of scenery from the local park, the beach is our next favourite place to have some action photography fun,

Action Photography
Action Photography
Action Photography
Action Photography
In The Water

When you get too hot and bothered running about on the beach there is always time for a quick swim to cool off.

Action Photography
Action Photography
Action Photography
Under The Sea

With the right equipment the action doesn’t have to stay above the waves.

Action Photography
Action Photography

Of course, an action shot doesn’t have to be close-up and personal. One of my favourite action shots of my old dog Ludo is this one taken on Mansands in Brixham. The light is fabulous and it just captures the feeling of the whole place.

Action Photography
Can You Photograph My Dog?

If you would like us to capture your dog having fun in the great outdoors then please call us or send us an email (the details are all the website).

Remember though, if your dog is a couch potato then you might be better off with one of our studio sessions.

Thank You

A quick thank you to Brandy, Bruno, Molly, Alice, and a few unknown dogs who have joined in our fun; and all their tame humans.

Another thank you to my little Fidget, who doesn’t complain much about being a full time model, and to my old dog, Ludo, who was my main inspiration in setting up the business in the first place; and yes, I still miss him.


The Busy Month Of May ..


So May has been a rather busy time here at Shooting The Dog, the (mostly) lovely weather has brought a flurry of dog photography customers, and Fidget and I have been making the most of the bits in between to have some fun too.

First up, we finished off the Cockerpoo puppy shoot at the six week stage and put together the puppy boxes for our client; these were then received and dispatched with the puppies to their new homes.

The boxes were looking good and were filled with a USB drive of the pictures we had taken over each of the three shoots, along with a book showing the progress of the puppies, and some yummy bags of treats from The Dog Treat Company, who are based locally.


So after a successful prototype, we launched our puppy pack service onto the world (well, to Torbay and the surrounding areas anyway).


Then the glorious sunny Mayday bank holiday saw us heading to the beach with Buttons, for our first “in the water” photo shoot of the year; the lovely sunny weather meant for a rather busy beach, so things were far from ideal, but we had great fun and got some lovely pictures.

Fidget and I squeezed in some time on the beach too and he enjoys a nice swim when conditions are good.


Last week-end saw us heading out on a covert “birthday surprise” photo shoot with Sam and Luna (Sam being a rather daft Staffy and Luna a typical Beagle). Lots of serious running about ensued, but the preconceived lovely picture of the two of them in the bluebells or splashing in a stream was unfortunately rather elusive. However, we got some lovely shots of the dogs and the client seems very happy with what we managed to achieve.

Finally this month, we had the fabulous Gracie in for a studio shoot last week, she was the perfect model and was so well behaved, not bad for such a young dog. She came with a few challenges because of her colour, black dogs are always troublesome when trying to get lighting right, and exposing for detail in the faces means the coats tend not to come out as black as they seem to the eye.

We are now off on a short camping break in Cornwall, so you can expect lots of news on that adventure in the next blog.

I think Fidget sums up how we are feeling after this month:


Weekends To Forget …

Last weekend was definitely one of those.

As some of you will know, my little dog, Fidget, suffers from idiopathic epilepsy; and despite having very few seizures last year made up for last weekend. Starting at 5.45 am on Saturday, he had about 14 seizures; the last at 8.30 am on Sunday morning.

He was taken to the vets and kept in all day for observation, and of course he didn’t have another fit all the time he was there!

They carried out various blood tests on site and everything came back fine. More blood was sent of to the lab for testing, and this has now come back showing that we are in the therapeutic range on all his drugs, though one was slightly on the low side, so we have upped his dosage slightly on that one.


It was amazing how much I missed tripping over him and being nagged to play games, and all the little things that I complain about when he’s there – he really has taken over my life, and when he is not there it’s like a little bit of me has gone.

Anyway, he was back home on Sunday evening and we are all none the wiser as to what suddenly caused this “blip”.



By Monday he was back to his normal rambunctious self, and charging about chasing balls and rolling in the mud, as if nothing had happened.

Me, I’m just happy to have him home with me, where he belongs, and hoping that we won’t have another episode like that again. Now I just need to try and earn some money so I can pay the emergency vet bill!

If you wish to find out more about Canine Epilepsy then here would be a good place to start:


My heart goes out to anyone who owns (or has owned) a dog that suffers from this, it is a really horrible thing to see, and to know that basically you just have to wait until it is over as there is nothing you can do.

Last weekend was definitely one I want to forget.


Finally .. a sunny day off.

For what I think is the first time this year, my day off coincided with some sunshine, so it was only fair that I headed to the park with Fidget. Due to the vast quantity of rain we have had recently the park had become a bit of a quagmire, but with some sunshine and a brisk breeze coming off the sea, things were beginning to dry out a bit.

So we did a bit of this.


And quite a bit of this.



Then a bit more of this.




And that was all just in the morning, in the afternoon we went to the beach!

Puppy Parties, Beach Fun and On-board Video

Since our last blog post little Fidget has turned three, and as is the tradition we had a puppy party with his Mum, Dad, and siblings (and a few hangers on!). It’s always lovely to see them all together and they all seem to remember each other.

Fidget’s Dad, Eric, coming to join the fun

Sorting out who is fetching the ball.

We have also had some nice trips to the beach in various weather conditions, but it’s always fun regardless of what mother nature throws at us. In fact as long as a ball is involved then Fidget is a happy little dog.

Fidget showing off his ball catching skills.

We have been playing about with putting a little action camera on Fidget for a couple of years now, but the resultant footage has always been a bit sea-sick inducing; so after some investigation, and a bit of gung-ho credit card usage, we have invested in a wearable 3-axis gimbal made by Feiyutech. It’s early days, but we are very impressed with the results so far. So here is a little test run we did this morning during our morning walk and ball game.

That’s it for now, hope you have as many adventures as we are planning.

Spring? Already?

March, already! What has happened to the beginning of the year?

Been a bit wet and muddy around here for the last few weeks, but that makes for some great ruffy-tuffy terrier games when Fidget meets some of his friends. These games are not for the faint hearted as there is much growling, snarling, barking and gnashing of teeth … but it is all great fun.


Meanwhile the temperature is slowly rising, so Fidget thought it was time to get an early morning swim in. He’s much braver than me!





Web Sites, Rain and Games of Ball

We’ve been busy over the last few weeks updating the main website for Tom Horsley Photography (you can see it here), so the blog updates have been a quiet.

Since our last update it seems to have been raining quite a lot, not that that stops the ball playing but does make the photography slightly more of a challenge. We did manage to get some shots of Fidget’s friend Brandy on Saturday morning – she takes her ball playing very seriously!


We also had some very strong Easterly winds recently, which makes for some very dramatic views, and photographs, around the breakwater in Brixham.


We had Fidget’s mummy over to stay for a sleep over last weekend, she soon made herself at home on the sofa.


Fidget’s games continue despite the weather, and we both make the effort to get out as much as possible when we get the chance,  and there always has to be a game of ball.


Well, that’s it for now. See you all next time.









Cold and Blustery Days

Well despite the very cold and equally windy weather over the weekend, we managed to get some quality time in on the beach.


Now we are back in the shop and continuing the great re-arrange, whilst trying to get the main website updated, and getting customer work finished, and doing all the other things that must be done but stop you doing what you really want to be doing (playing ball on the beach!).

Happy New Year!

We are now back at work after a nice break. During our time off Fidget and I managed to get out for lots of walks; visiting parks, woods, and beaches. Lots of fun and we even met some new friends along the way.



Now we need to get ourselves all sorted out and ready to face the year ahead, lots of plans that need thinking through and some changes in store for the business in the next few months.

Wishing you all the very best for the year ahead, and let’s hope we all achieve everything that we want to.

Surfs Up Dude!


Everything is all a bit manic in the lead up to Christmas, so it was nice to get out to the beach yesterday. Fidget decided he would get a bit of pre-Christmas surfing in while he had the chance.