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    Mixed Grill Platter – “Lucky Dip”

    The Mixed Grill Platter, AKA Lucky Dip, is a selection pack of natural treats and sausages. Each 1Kg pack is a unique, offering a real variety of treats for your dog and excellent value for you!

    It allows you to offer your dog a variety of our products, in order to find their favourite!

    LOCAL DELIVERY (TQ3, TQ4 or TQ5 only at …

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    Best-seller Bundle Box

    The Best-seller Bundle Box is a carefully selected mixed treat box, filled with a combination of 10 types of scrumptious, most desirable treats.
    It is our supplier’s top 10 most popular products, ideal for your pooches, and they can even decide which is best of the best!

    The Best-seller Bundle Box contains the following items:


    ul>Gourmet Sticks – Beef & Vegetable (4pcs)
    Gourmet …

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    Gourmet Slices / Training Treats

    Only British ingredients are used in our training treats. Great grain free slices only using British meats. They’re perfect to use as a daily or occasional treat for dogs of all breeds and sizes making them simply irresistible.

    This is what we use for our training classes, the dogs love them.
    We cut up the slices to make smaller pieces perfect for …

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    Gourmet Meaty Strips

    British Gourmet Meaty Strips are not only delicious but healthy too! Ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes, they’re a natural treat, cooked and air-dried with no chemicals or additives and make a premium and tasty treat.

    Give your dog the ultimate treat that offers a great source of protein as well as being responsibly sourced and delicious. Simply nothing …

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    Meat Cubes

    These little meat cubes are the perfect treat to catch your dog’s nose.

    100% pure meat, they are completely natural and NOTHING else! They aid dental hygiene and sensitive digestion and allergies.

    Feeding Instructions:
    Feed supervised and ensure clean, fresh water is always available.

    Suitable for dogs aged 4 weeks and above.

    Meat Cubes are available in 200g and 1Kg packs


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    Gourmet Sticks

    Succulent Gourmet Sticks guaranteed to make your dog beg for more!!

    This is a nutritious treat that is loaded with proteins and Vitamin B1, D3, B5, B6 and B12 to help strengthen their muscles. They are filled with nutrients and vitamins to make your dog healthy and strong.

    Nutritious and delicious, it’s the perfect treat to reward your special friend! Promote good …

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    Gourmet Dog Sausages

    Our Gourmet Dog Sausages are a perfect tasty reward offering an irresistibly chewy and intensely meaty treat that not only satisfies your dogs instinctual desire to chew but also helps promote their dental health.

    Made with the highest quality natural ingredients to a premium standard and air dried to perfection!

    Feeding Instructions:
    Feed supervised and ensure clean, fresh water is always available.

    Suitable for …