Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions?

Here are the questions we get asked most frequently, and some answers as well!

My dog won’t sit still for a minute, can you still photograph them?

Haven’t failed yet. In the studio it helps if your dog knows a few basic commands (sit, stay, etc). But it is amazing what a few practice runs with some nice rewards can achieve in a short space of time. If you have a really active dog you might want to think about a location shoot. Some action photography to really capture the spirit of your active dog.

Do we leave our dog alone with you?

No, we ask that you stay with us during the shoot. The dogs like to have a friendly face around, it helps them to stay relaxed, and a relaxed dog is a happy dog.

Do you only photograph dogs?

No, we are happy to photograph any sort of pet you might have. So far we have worked with horses, donkeys, rabbits and cats, but we would be happy to shoot something more exotic if that is what you want.

What happens if it is raining on the day of our location shoot?

If we find the weather is against us on the day of your photo shoot then we will reschedule to another date and time that is convenient. We can’t control the weather so we have to be flexible.

Can you come to our home?

Yes, we are happy to come to your home and photograph your pets in your garden or inside the house. We cover Torbay, The South Hams, and surrounding areas. Outside of this area would be subject to an extra cost to cover travel.

Are you happy to join us at our favourite “walkies” spot?

Yes, we are; in fact we encourage it. If you have a location in mind then let us know when making your booking, and we’ll meet you there.

My dog is not good off lead, is this a problem?

Not really, we can remove leads in post production. In some cases it may be necessary to have you dog on a lead to get the exact shot you are looking for (without them wandering off to sniff something!). Obviously “action” shots are not really possible while the dog is on a lead.

Are you available outside the shop hours?

Yes, we are available for photo shoots in the evenings (in the summer) and at weekends. For outdoor shoots this can be preferable to shooting during the hot days in the summer, and the light is better too!

Can I be in the photographs with my pet?

Yes, if you want to be. Although we find most people want the spotlight to be on their pet, we are more than happy to include you in there too if you want us to.

Can I buy a gift voucher for someone else?

Yes you can, and we can customise the voucher to your exact requirements. You can find out more information about our gift vouchers here.

How do we contact you?

Use the form here, or call us on (01803) 859700. If we can’t respond straight away, well get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I just get the digital files?

No, we want you to have something special to display rather than some files hidden away in some digital storage device where they can be forgotten about. You have gone to the effort of having a professional photo shoot, why wouldn’t you want to show the result on your wall or in an album?

We are happy to provide low resolution “social media ready” copies of your images as an extra to your main order. Let us know and we’ll discuss the options at your viewing session.

Do you take passport photos?

No, we don’t; we photograph pets. I suppose we could do you a pet passport photo, but definitely not people.

How much does it cost to paint my dog?

I’ve no idea, I’m a photographer.