Christmas Card Mini-Shoots

Christmas Card Mini-Shoots

Back By Popular Demand!

We’ve been asked by several people if we will be doing our very popular Christmas Card Mini-Shoots again this year – and the answer is YES!

Christmas Card Mini-Shoots

Get down there

We took our boy Pablo in for a Christmas shoot, Tom was brilliant with Pablo (an old English bulldog) – a real dog person.

Well happy with the finished product, definitely recommend any dog lover to get down there.


What’s A Christmas Card Mini-Shoot?

Well, what we do is have a shorter than normal studio shoot session. If you really insist we can include some humans in it too. If the model allows, Santa hats and reindeer ears, or anything you bring along, are donned. We then work our magic to create artwork to wow your friends with at Christmas. It’s great fun and you get to share a wonderful piece of artwork of your dog with everyone you know.

Christmas Card Mini-Shoots

What Does It Cost?

We have been checking out our suppliers and hope we have found you the best deal while retaining the high quality that you expect from us. As with any printing there is a premium to be paid for low quantities. So this year we have come up with several options that we hope are going to appeal to you, and fit your budget.

Christmas Card Mini-Shoot – Option 1

Photo Shoot, Creation, and 12 Christmas Cards

Ruby Christmas Card

Single Image

12 Cards all showing the same image.


Molly Christmas Card

Two Images

12 cards, 6 each of 2 different images


Poppy Christmas Card

Three Images

12 Cards, 4 each of 3 different images


Christmas Card Mini Shoot – Option 2

Photo Shoot, Creation, and 24 Christmas Cards

Single Image

24 Cards all showing the same image.


Two Images

24 cards, 12 each of 2 different images


Three Images

24 Cards, 8 each of 3 different images


Ready For Your Christmas Card Mini-Shoot?

Answers To Common Questions

You have already photographed my dog, can you use the existing images?

Yes, if we have already photographed your dog, just let us know when you make your enquiry. We can then work our magic on your existing images; and you 15% off the cost.

Can I also purchase the images as wall art?

Yes, of course you can. Our normal pricing for wall art items will be in place. Just ask when you come to view your images.

Can I provide my own image for you to work your magic on?

No, we only provide this service for shots we have taken. We insist on this to ensure that the final product is of our usual high quality.

How long is a mini-session?

We try to get the session done in thirty minutes, but as our models sometimes have other ideas it can sometimes take a little longer. We will take as long as we need to ensure that we get the images we can work with.

Can I bring our own Christmas outfit?

Yes, please do. We have a limited supply of Christmas props, but if there is a special outfit – or certain items you wish included in your images – then please do bring them along.

How long will this be available?

To ensure you all get your Christmas Cards in time to send them off to your friends, the last date for a shoot will be 30th November.

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