Christmas Card Mini-Shoots

We’ve been asked by several people if we will be doing our very popular Dog Christmas Card Mini-Shoots again this year – and the answer is YES! But due to Covid-19 you are doing the shoot – don’t panic we’ll help you.

We will be running them again for next Christmas.

Christmas Card Mini-Shoots

Get down there

We took our boy Pablo in for a Christmas card shoot, Tom was brilliant with Pablo (an old English bulldog) – a real dog person.

Well happy with the finished product, definitely recommend any dog lover to get down there.


All Change For Covid-19

Due to the new restrictions in place during November we are having to change the way we do the Christmas cards. I am no longer able to open the studio to take photographs, so we have had to find a work around so we can still offer you this service.

Okay, so how does it work now?

If we have previously photographed your dog then we can use base images from your previous shoot to create your cards. Just contact us through the normal channels to discuss your requirements. However, if we haven’t, then you can now upload an image of your dog that you have taken.

We then work our magic to create unique dog Christmas card artwork to wow your friends with at Christmas. It’s great fun and you get to share a wonderful piece of artwork of your dog with everyone you know.

Once we have created a few different designs using your photograph, we’ll upload these to your own private gallery where you can choose which design you want on your Christmas cards.

This means that we have had to change what we offer slightly as well, so we are now only offering the packs of cards created with a single image to simplify things.

Christmas Card Mini-Shoots

What Does It Cost?

We have been checking out our suppliers and hope we have found you the best deal while retaining the high quality that you expect from us. As with any printing there is a premium to be paid for low quantities. So this year we have come up with several options that we hope are going to appeal to you, and fit your budget.

Christmas Card Mini-Shoot – Option 1

Photo Shoot, Creation, and 12 Christmas Cards

Ruby Christmas Card

12 Card Pack

Cost covers image processing and 12 cards all showing the same image.


Molly Christmas Card

24 Card Pack

Cost covers image processing and 24 cards all showing the same image


How to get the best image of your dog

A few pointers on getting the best photo of your dog

  1. Background

    Try to use a blank uncluttered background. Try setting up a sheet or a towel as a backdrop behind your dog.

  2. Get Down

    To get the best photograph get down to the same level as your dog, or raise your dog up off the floor on a table.

  3. Stay

    If necessary, get someone to to help you by holding your dog on a lead. We can remove the lead in post processing. For best results try to hold the lead above the dog’s head or off to one side.

  4. Bribery

    You will be amazed how quickly a dog will sit and stay if they get rewarded with their favourite treat every time they do what you want them to.

  5. Look At Me

    Be prepared to make silly noises or use squeaky toys to get their attention. You may even be rewarded with the fabulous head tilt pose.

  6. Be Quick

    You’ll need to be quite quick, as most dogs don’t have a long attention span.

  7. Have Fun

    Most importantly, it should be fun for both you and your dog. If you are getting annoyed, or the dog is getting stressed, then STOP. Have a break, and try again when you have both calmed down.

  8. Light

    Think about how the light is hitting your dog, in general it is better to have the light behind you, or slightly to one side.

Upload your photograph here:

    We’ll get back to you as soon as your designs are ready with details of how to view them. Ordering is all online and your cards will be delivered direct to your door.

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