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News, thoughts and ramblings of a pet photographer. Basically anything that doesn’t really fit into any other category.

Happy Christmas and All That

By Shooting The Dog

A Christmas Message from Shooting The Dog It’s nearly here again! We’ve had a pretty busy year here at Shooting The Dog, and, as we never like to stagnate, a year of more changes to the business. We have changed the way we do things: moved the studio out to the front of shop, introduced…

Pre-Christmas – lots of rain, dear.

By Shooting The Dog

A Review of October It doesn’t seem to have stopped raining since the beginning of October; okay we have had a couple of sunny days, but not many. And wind – it’s been so windy just lately. Not a good combination for photography, at least not my sort of photography. Who wants a portrait of…

Dogs & drugs & rock ‘n roll

By Shooting The Dog

The last few months have been a bit stressful. My dog, Fidget, suffers from epilepsy. He has been taking epiphen to control it for the last three years. Unfortunately, these drugs have now started to impact his liver function. So we need to slowly move him off the epiphen and onto something else. Changing the…

Sample Books and Camping

By Shooting The Dog

September is nearly over, and has seen the arrival of our sample photo books and a well earned early autumn short camping trip. Sample Photo Books With a change to a new supplier, it was exciting to receive our sample fine art photo book this month. They come in a presentation box, and have a…

Why Wall Art?

By Shooting The Dog

Why Choose One Of Our Wall art Pieces? Why spend money on a professional photo shoot, only to hide your images away where no one can see them? Our wall art pieces create a statement piece for your home or office. Most of today’s photographs are quickly snapped on a smartphone and shared almost immediately…

Fidget’s Favourite Things

By Shooting The Dog

Sir Fidget Smelly-Bottom, the studio dog, has decided that he would like to recommend to you some of his favourite things, places to visit and all things doggy related. Ruff Dawg Sticks And TWIGS First on his “must have” list are Ruff Dawg Sticks and Twigs. Fidget had a nasty experience with a real stick…

A Blog For June

By Shooting The Dog

A rather late blog post, it’s June already what has happened to April and May? Well they seem to have sped past very quickly. So many apologies for not getting around to posting anything here for a long time. May Camping Trip May saw Fidget and me off on one of our camping trips. This…

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