Covid-19 Business Update

Restarting As Lock down Eases

Since the Covid-19 lock down I haven’t really been able to do any of the things I love doing, mainly photographing your dogs. So I thought I would give you an update on how Covid-19 is affecting the business, and my plans to properly begin restarting as lock down eases.

Covid-19 Business Update
It’s all on-location at the moment

The pet photography

At the moment the studio remains closed and I am spending most of my time sitting at home trying to work out how to make a living. I’m not the only one, and I am in a much better position than most to get through this. So I am not complaining, in fact I am quite enjoying lock down.

I opened up for bookings for on-location photo shoots in the last week or so. Keeping to the government advice on socially distancing. As this guidance keeps changing I will review what I can and can’t do as the situation changes.

The longer evenings and some new equipment means that I can shoot at pretty much anytime of day to suit you. Though, of course, I can’t do much about rain!

Open For Bookings
Open for on-location photo shoots

New Equipment for new locations

I have recently invested in some new equipment that allows me to take a mini studio out on location with me. This allows me much more freedom when on location and I have spent quite a bit of time recently getting to grips with the new gear. So once those bookings come flying in I will know what I am doing.

To show you the difference it can make I have shown some comparison photos below. These photos were taken at the same time of day, in the same place, with the strong morning sun just over Fidget’s left shoulder.

Without additional lighting
With additional lighting

Restarting Studio Shoots

The Government has given a provisional date for photographic studios to open of the 15th June. This is dependant on being able to comply with their social distancing guidelines, and them not changing their minds!

My studio is on the rather small size, and being able to comply with the guidelines completely is proving a challenge. However, I like challenges and will be doing everything I can to ensure I can open the studio as soon as possible.

I will have to be doing things rather differently, and as soon as I have worked out the details I will let you know. Things in general are going to be somewhat different on the high street and only time will tell how the necessary Covid-19 changes are going to affect us all.

All ready to go!

So, keep an eye out for another Covid-19 business update with details of how we will be restarting in the studio as the lock down measures are eased.

The Arty-Farty Stuff

I am looking at continuing to offer some of the “arty-farty” stuff after lock down eases. I will be producing a detailed price list for this sort of work in the near future. It certainly gives some other options to what I can provide clients from a photo shoot. It’s also rather fun to do!

Arty-Farty Stuff
Water Colour Effect

The Framing Dept.

The framing department is another issue. Mel, who does all the framing work, falls into the vulnerable group, despite his youthful looks. He has been keeping well out of the way for some time now. The challenge here is providing a safe environment for him to continue his work with out putting him at any risk. Again, the size and layout of the shop doesn’t really lend itself to socially distancing.

So, for now, we are not taking in any new framing jobs.

We do have a bit of a backlog of jobs that we will complete as soon as we feel we can do them in a safe manner. Please be patient, and we will contact you as soon as the work is complete to arrange a safe way to deliver your work to you.

Again, once I have some idea of how we are looking to proceed then I will let you know through the normal channels.

That’s it for our
Covid-19 Business Update.

Please stay safe and well.

I hope to see you and your pet soon.

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Outdoor Pet Photography

The COVID-19 government restrictions mean that I have to change the emphasis of my dog photography, and look at the great outdoors. So to allow me to continue doing the thing I love, photographing dogs, I need to look at what on location photography can offer me and my clients. With the aid of my dog, Fidget, I want to show you some ideas of what I can achieve away from the confines of the studio.

At The Beach

On location, at the beach
On location at the beach
Action photography at the beach

Even though the summer beach restrictions for dogs are now in place, we still have some fabulous locations available to us.

Beaches make wonderful locations for action photography. There is plenty of room for my models to leap about and have fun. I always want my models to have fun!

Sometimes I will even get in the water with my models to capture some wonderful swimming shots both above and below the water. Although I must point out I normally like the sea to be a little bit warmer than it is currently!

If you are thinking about a beach location then check the local dog restrictions to find out which locations are possible.

A quieter moment on the beach

The beach doesn’t have to be all about action. Those quieter moments give me a chance to capture some wonderful shots as well. Even the most active dogs will eventually take a moments rest in between the fun and frolics.

With rocks and rock pools making fabulous backdrops to those intimate moments.

In The Park

Our local parks and green spaces also make on location photography possible in the great outdoors. Once again we have plenty of locations to choose from. Again, wonderful action shots will show off your dog to their athletic best. Or maybe a more sedate pose is your preference. Whatever you decide, I will ensure you get a memory to treasure.

In the park
All action ball catching
On Location In The Park
Fun in the park

The dog About Town

Dog in the town

We are very lucky to live in a very picturesque place. So even our towns make for exciting locations in the great outdoors. Many of our local towns have harbours and marinas that make wonderful backdrops. But even those towns away from the sea will have plenty of possible locations.

So if I have given you some ideas for that dog photograph that would fill the gap on your wall then it’s time to get in contact. We will be socially distancing of course and following the government guidelines at all times. You can find out more about how we will operate here.

On Location In The Town
Fidget in the town

The Great Outdoors

Ready for your outdoor, on location photo shoot?
Open For Bookings

Open For Bookings

Following recent announcements from the UK government, I am now open for bookings for the rest of May onward. At present these will only be outdoor, on location shoots where we can follow the social distancing rules. These will of course be dependant on further updates from the UK government, our normal terms and conditions, and also on the great British weather conditions!

To ensure we stay with-in the guidelines, only one person may accompany their dog for these photo shoots. Bookings will only be taken through the online form. We will then contact you to arrange a date and location for your shoot.

On location photo shoot bookings now open

I am still trying to work out how we can safely do studio shoots without unduly stressing out our canine models and whilst still observing safe social distancing. Might have to buy a bigger studio!

But once I have worked out a best practice then I will also be open for bookings for studio shoots as well. Keep an eye out in all the normal places and I’ll let you know the details once I have a plan of action.

Post-shoot Processes

Image viewing and product ordering will be carried on through our online galleries. This will be accompanied by a phone call to assist in the process of choosing the best images for the wall art products you might be thinking of.

Depending on the type of artwork you choose, the final product will be delivered direct to you by our suppliers, or we will arrange a safe delivery to your door once the products are ready.

On location photo shoot

Make A Booking For June

Are you ready to book your dog in for an all action, on-location photo shoot? Then it’s time to get in touch.

I’m Ready For The Next Step

Just get in touch, and we’ll do the rest

Life Under Lock Down #2

Coping with life under lock down

As a pet photographer, things have come to a grinding halt under social distancing measures, when it comes to actually photographing pets. But I have been keeping myself amused and busy by trying some different ways to edit photographs. I have been revisiting some old shots and giving them various artistic effects. Some have been very effective and some not so effective.

If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen some examples already, but if not then here are some of the more successful attempts.

Pencil Sketch Effect

Pencil Sketch Example 1
Pencil Sketch Example 2

Watercolour Effect

Water Colour Effect 1
Water Colour Example 2
Water Colour Example 3

Would you like one of your pet?

If you would like me to do something similar with a photo of your pet, just send me a copy of a photograph you would like me to do something “arty-farty” with and we’ll give it a go. After all I’m not doing much else yet. I’ll do the processing work for free and e-mail something back to you. If you would like to get a piece of wall art printed from the final image then let me know and I can arrange this at our normal wall art prices.

Just email your image to and we’ll do all the rest!

It might just help us to make a little money while we are dealing with life under lock down, which in turn might mean we can actually re-open when this is all over.

Easter Parade Contest Results

The Contest IS CLOSED For eNTRIES.

The contest is over. We were overwhelmed with entries to the competition to win a pet photo shoot. So we have decided to give prizes to both the entries!

The Winners

Many thanks to both of you for entering. I have emailed the winners and their pet photo shoot vouchers will be heading their way just as soon as I am allowed out of the house again!

Happy Easter everyone. Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save the NHS.

Easter Parade Competition

Only One Week Left To Enter

Have you entered our Easter Parade competition yet? This is just a reminder that you only have until midnight on Good Friday to enter our fabulous competition to win a pet photo shoot.

With us all stuck at home, it’s the perfect time to make an Easter bonnet for your pet. Then just take a photo and send it in via the entry form.

Easter Parade Competition

Need some inspiration for your Easter Parade competition entry? Take a look here.

Living Under Lock Down

How we are surviving Lock down

Like most people we are living under the lock down restrictions. For me and Fidget this means one walk a day, which he is not happy about. But we are also playing lots of games inside, and having lots of snuggles.

Sharing Our Walks

I decided that, when possible I would take my camera with me on our walks and have been sharing these on my personal Facebook page. People seem to appreciate it when they can’t get out so much.

Brixham Harbour
Brixham Harbour

Keep Practicing

Although I can’t do any paid pet photography at the moment, I am trying to keep my hand in as much as possible. Fidget is nearly always a willing model for action shots, although I think even he is beginning to get bored with it now!

practicing the action shots
Playing Ball
Action shot
Chase the ball

Our EASTER Parade Contest

The Easter Parade contest to win a pet photo shoot is still on, and entries are beginning to arrive. So if you want to be in with a chance of winning you need to get you entries in by the end of day on Good Friday. You can find all the information and the entry form here.

Staying in, Staying Safe

Although it is difficult living under the lock down restrictions it really is necessary. I worry about the debt that is accumulating for both the business and personally. But I can’t work so I can’t earn any money, so I can’t pay the bills! Hopefully, before too long I will start seeing some of the money that the government has promised and I can pay off some of the debt.

It is very frustrating as we have a lot of money tied up in work we have in the shop to complete, but we can’t complete it due to the lock down, so we can’t get paid.

Never mind, at least I get to spend lots of one on one time with my little Fidget, who seems to be taking a liking to social distancing!

Social distancing
surviving the lock down
staying in, staying safe

Try and stay positive everyone, and hopefully this weird situation will soon be over.

The doors are closed

The Doors Are Closed

Time to close the doors

It is with a very heavy heart that we have made the decision to close the shop doors to the public from today. We do not offer an “essential” service to the town, so it seems like the responsible thing to do amid this global crisis.

Our hearts go out to all the other small local businesses that are having to make the same decision. We are a small community with many family run businesses at it’s heart. I plead with everyone, no matter where you are, that once this thing is over get out and support the small local businesses. We are all going to need your support if we are to get over this.


If you have brought in things to be framed then we will complete the work as soon as we can. I will contact you once the work is completed and arrange for payment and collection/delivery. It will take some time, so please be patient with us.

If you are not willing to wait, then please contact us and we can arrange for you to collect the item you have brought in for framing.

What about my pet Photography Wall Art?

Again, any orders we have will be completed as soon as possible. I will contact you to arrange payment and collection/delivery. These are extraordinary times and we ask you to bear with us while we get ourselves sorted out.

Let’s Stick together!

If there are any Brixham businesses that need product photography for web sites to allow them to keep trading online, please contact us. This is a service we are happy to provide and will do so at a very reasonable cost.

Likewise, if anyone needs help in setting up an e-commerce website I am more than willing to assist.

Thank you!

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported this business over the last thirteen years. I have poured my heart, soul and bank account into getting it to where it is, and without your support we would never have made it this far.

We will be back. It might not be the same again, but we will be back.

Stay positive, and stay safe.

Corona Virus Measures

Doing our bit to stop the spread

The corona virus outbreak is effecting us all in many ways, and here at Shooting The Dog we are taking measures to keep ourselves and our customers safe.

As of the week commencing Monday 23rd March we will only be opening the shop on Thursday, Friday and Saturday each week. Our normal opening hours will be in place on these days: 9:30 am – 4pm on Thursday and Friday, and 10 am – 3pm on Saturday.

Our shop is very small, so we ask that if you do visit, please only come in as a maximum of two people at once. If you see a customer in the shop when you arrive then please wait outside until we are free. The more distance we keep between us all, the less likely this horrific virus is likely to spread.

These are the plans at the moment, but may well change, and we will be following government advice.

The Framing Dept.

As many of you will know, Mel the framer is of a certain age; and falls into the “at risk” category. To ensure he keeps well he is, sensibly, following government advice and avoiding social contact as much as possible. This means that ALL framing jobs will be suspended for now.

Jobs we have in the shop awaiting completion, will be completed as and when it is deemed safe to do so. However, if you feel you cannot wait please contact us to arrange collection of your artwork. We will be contacting the customers of outstanding work later today to discuss their options.

We do not take these corona virus measures lightly, but Mel’s welfare is of upmost importance as is that of our customers.

Pet Photography

The pet photography side of things will , for the moment, continue; so if you are interested in having your pet photographed please contact us through the website.

We will have to introduce restrictions on the number of people who attend with the pets for studio shoots, but we will discuss this with you at time of booking. You should also be advised that it may take longer to get your final products to you.

Corona Virus Measures

Corona Virus and pets

If you are concerned in any way with regard corona virus here are some useful links to information currently available:

  1. World Health Organisation
  2. RCVS
  3. NHS

Indoor Dog Exercise Ideas

With measures being put in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we might be forced to spend more time indoors, but that doesn’t have to mean that we can’t find fun ways to exercise our dogs.

Indoor Dog Exercise

Ideas for Indoor Exercise

We thought we would share some ideas to keep you and your dog exercised indoors. Lots of fun, and rewarding for both you and your dog. You might even end up with a better behaved best friend.

1. Indoor Fetch

These games are usually played outside, but why not bring them inside. If you have enough space in your house, these can be a great way to help your dog stay active. If your space is more restricted, a hallway can do the job. Get into the game by throwing his favourite toy or ball and race with him to get it instead of just watching him chase for it. Ideally, try to pick out a soft toy or soft ball. This way, both of you will have lots of fun without breaking any valuable items.

Indoor Fetch

2. A Game Of Tug

Tug-of-war is a really fun game to play. No equipment is needed except for a rope or an old piece of cloth. It can be very good to help your dog learn self-control. However, you have to be conscious that this game can be risky. It may bring out aggressive behaviour in your dog. A relationship of trust and respect must already be established in order for you to enjoy this sort of game.

Tug Of War

3. Do Some Training

Do some training

Spend some time reinforcing basic training, or teach your dog a new trick. It’s great mental exercise for your dog, and a wonderful bonding exercise. A good starting point is to teach your dog to come to your hand.

You can find lots of inspiration here

4. Enrichment Toys

Toys you can hide treats in, or that have puzzles for your dog to solve to get a treat are great ways to keep your dog entertained. Mental stimulation ideas are as important as physical exercise ideas.

Our good friends at Ruffle Snuffle have all sorts of exciting toys, Fidget loves his Ruffle Snuffle mat. You could try making your own from egg boxes, plastic cups or whatever, and hiding treats in them. Just makes sure they are dog safe!

5. A Relaxing Massage

A nice massage

Your dog will love time spent giving them a massage.

You can find out more here.

So even if you can’t get out and about with your dog as much as you would have liked to, there are plenty of things you can do for a bit of indoor dog exercise. When you have finished you could always relax and take a look at our website, and maybe book you and your well exercised friend in for a pet photo shoot.