Category: Dog Behaviour Coaching

  • Truelove No-pull Harness

    Have you struggled to find a harness that your dog cannot easily escape from?Ever found yourself just holding a lead attached to an empty harness while you best friend is heading off up the road? The Truelove No-pull Harness might be just what you need. It took me ages to find a harness that my…

  • Pet Remedy Professional Partner

    Pet Remedy Professional Partner

    Shooting The Dog is now a Pet Remedy Professional Partner, offering clients a 25% discount on Pet Remedy products using the code “SHOOTINGTH25”. Ideal for calming nervous dogs before photoshoots or during training sessions.

  • I am still here!

    I am still here!

    Are you still open? Yes – I most certainly am still open. Struggling to make a living but very much still here. Still photographing dogs, training dogs (and their owners) and a few other bits and bobs mostly involving dogs and animals so that I might be able make enough money to pay those pesky…

  • Introduction To Tom’s Basic Training

    Introduction To Tom’s Basic Training

    What’s All That About Then? Followers of my pet photography pages will be well aware that I have been furthering my education in the area of dog behaviour recently, and have been successfully helping local dog guardians with their puppies and dogs for sometime now. “…Tom gave us the tools and confidence to be able…

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