And that was May!

This year seems to be flying by. Here we are heading towards the end of May, and many of the things I had planned haven’t happened yet – must get a move on.

Still some things have happened, “Shooting The Dog” is now a registered trademark of Tom Horsley Photography; we have leapt into the 21st century and setup a twitter feed – you can follow us at @Shooting_TheDog; and Tom, the Shooting The Dog photographer is now three quarters of a way through his diploma in Dog Behaviour.

We still find time for lots of doggy fun.

Fidget playing with his best mate Bruno


We even fitted in a few (rather wet and windy) days away camping in Dorset last week, which, despite the weather, was a fantastic time.




A visit to Corfe Castle
Then Lulworth Cove
And along the coast to Durdle Door


Resulting in one tired little boy back in the tent




Spring Is In The Air


Well we are into April and spring seems to be finally arriving and the days are warming up. The spring bulbs are coming into flower and everything seems to be waking up.

The local dogs seem to have a bit of a spring in their step too, with lots of activity in the local park.


Fidget and I are getting very excited because we have just booked our spring camping trip, we are off to Corfe Castle in May. I can’t wait, and, as you can see, Fidget is jumping for joy!




Puppy Parties, Beach Fun and On-board Video

Since our last blog post little Fidget has turned three, and as is the tradition we had a puppy party with his Mum, Dad, and siblings (and a few hangers on!). It’s always lovely to see them all together and they all seem to remember each other.

Fidget’s Dad, Eric, coming to join the fun
Sorting out who is fetching the ball.

We have also had some nice trips to the beach in various weather conditions, but it’s always fun regardless of what mother nature throws at us. In fact as long as a ball is involved then Fidget is a happy little dog.

Fidget showing off his ball catching skills.

We have been playing about with putting a little action camera on Fidget for a couple of years now, but the resultant footage has always been a bit sea-sick inducing; so after some investigation, and a bit of gung-ho credit card usage, we have invested in a wearable 3-axis gimbal made by Feiyutech. It’s early days, but we are very impressed with the results so far. So here is a little test run we did this morning during our morning walk and ball game.

That’s it for now, hope you have as many adventures as we are planning.

Spring? Already?

March, already! What has happened to the beginning of the year?

Been a bit wet and muddy around here for the last few weeks, but that makes for some great ruffy-tuffy terrier games when Fidget meets some of his friends. These games are not for the faint hearted as there is much growling, snarling, barking and gnashing of teeth … but it is all great fun.


Meanwhile the temperature is slowly rising, so Fidget thought it was time to get an early morning swim in. He’s much braver than me!





Web Sites, Rain and Games of Ball

We’ve been busy over the last few weeks updating the main website for Tom Horsley Photography (you can see it here), so the blog updates have been a quiet.

Since our last update it seems to have been raining quite a lot, not that that stops the ball playing but does make the photography slightly more of a challenge. We did manage to get some shots of Fidget’s friend Brandy on Saturday morning – she takes her ball playing very seriously!


We also had some very strong Easterly winds recently, which makes for some very dramatic views, and photographs, around the breakwater in Brixham.


We had Fidget’s mummy over to stay for a sleep over last weekend, she soon made herself at home on the sofa.


Fidget’s games continue despite the weather, and we both make the effort to get out as much as possible when we get the chance,  and there always has to be a game of ball.


Well, that’s it for now. See you all next time.









Cold and Blustery Days

Well despite the very cold and equally windy weather over the weekend, we managed to get some quality time in on the beach.


Now we are back in the shop and continuing the great re-arrange, whilst trying to get the main website updated, and getting customer work finished, and doing all the other things that must be done but stop you doing what you really want to be doing (playing ball on the beach!).