Truelove No-pull Harness

Have you struggled to find a harness that your dog cannot easily escape from?
Ever found yourself just holding a lead attached to an empty harness while you best friend is heading off up the road? The Truelove No-pull Harness might be just what you need.

It took me ages to find a harness that my terriers couldn’t escape from. Eventually I discovered the Truelove No-pull Harnesses and have been using them (and recommending them to people) ever since.

Truelove No-Pull Harness

They fit comfortably, and have an extra lead attachment on the front, This is really useful to use with a double ended training lead if you have a strong puller. I found this particularly use when I was suffering from a bad back.

You will often see my wonderful Bulgarian rescue dog, Rapunzel, looking resplendent in her Truelove No-pull Harness.

Rapunzel in her Truelove No-Pull Harness.

As well as being stylish, comfortable and secure, they really are reasonably priced when compared with other makes of similar styles of harness.

You can get your harness here: Truelove No-pull Harness.

If you are looking to really spoil you dog there is now a premium version available: Truelove Premium No-Pull Harness

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