I am still here!

Are you still open?

Yes – I most certainly am still open. Struggling to make a living but very much still here. Still photographing dogs, training dogs (and their owners) and a few other bits and bobs mostly involving dogs and animals so that I might be able make enough money to pay those pesky bills – and maybe eat occasionally too!

Remind me, what is it you do?

Primarily I am a dog photographer – we do studio portraits, location shoots, action shoots … as long as it involves dogs then I am interested.

Is it just dogs?

No, if you have any pet that you would like photographed then please contact me. In the past I have, for example, photographed cats, horses, donkeys and rabbits.

I have a background in wildlife and nature photography, and some of the same skills translate quite well across to pet photography. You can see some of my wildlife photography here.

What else do you do?

I love photographing pets and wish I could make a proper living from it; but the reality is that times are tough for people at the moment and a professional portrait of their pet is probably less important than feeding the family (and the pet!) or heating the home. So to try to have the means to feed me and my dog (and heat our home) I have branched out into other pet related areas:

Dog Behaviour and Coaching

Tom's Dog Coaching

I have recently been using my qualifications and experience in dog behaviour to help with puppy coaching and assisting people who have been having behavioural issues with their dogs. I am always trying to further my knowledge in this area and keep up to date with the latest science backed, ethical, cruelty-free methods of training. You can find out more about my experience and qualifications at Tom’s Basic Training. I particularly like working with rescue dogs and helping them to settle into their new lives.

I also provide assistance to adopters of dogs through Break The Chains (For Dogs In Bulgaria to try and ensure that they can provide a safe and trouble-free home for these dogs that have suffered so badly in their short lives. Mostly they just need time and some guidance before they become much loved members of their new families – but there are some challenges too. When they first arrive their new homes can seem like a somewhat scary place; everything is a new experience and they can sometimes need a little help before they realise that they are now safe.

Shooting The Dog Clothing Store

Shooting The Dog Clothing Store

I have recently started selling T-Shirts and Hoodies online through a company called TeeMill with my unique Shooting The Dog designs. You can visit our store here.

The Dog Treat Store

The Dog Treat Store

I have an online dog treat store selling the natural dog sausage slices and some other treats, that I use during my photography shoots and dog training sessions, to the dog owners of Brixham (and near-by); the dogs love them. I only have a relatively small range available online at the moment, but I am looking at expanding what I can offer soon. If you are looking for something in particular (really anything, from fish skins to camel skin chews, from hairy rabbit ears to puffed pig snouts, and everything in between!) then please let me know and I can check prices and availability for you.

I open the store every couple of months, take your orders and then get a delivery from my supplier. I notify via email, on my website and via social media channels when the store is open for business.

Then I either arrange free delivery (if you are local to Brixham) or arrange for you to collect at a convenient time from the studio.

Please note that I do not offer postal delivery at the moment.

Why does the studio always seem to be closed?

I open the studio by appointment only, this is a much better use of my time than sitting in the studio waiting for someone to possibly pop in.

This is the 21st century and if you are looking to spend money on dog photography or dog behaviour/training then the first place you are likely to look is online.

Most of my work comes initially through my web site.


What do you think?

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