2023 Christmas Cards

Step into a shimmering time warp, because guess what? It’s that splendid stretch of August where we magically fast-forward to a world adorned with tinsel, twinkling lights, and jolly elves – yes, you’ve got it, folks, it’s Christmas Card season!

Behold! For the time has come to unfurl the curtain on the acclaimed extravaganza known as the Shooting The Dog Christmas Card Mini Photo-Shoots! A tradition as timeless as Santa’s red suit, these mini-shoots are back for 2023.

Picture this: a 30-minute rendezvous with your beloved furry companions, an artful dance between camera and canine, all captured with the skill of a maestro.
But that’s not all! The masterful touch of digital wizardry awaits, as we transform you photographs into a unique masterpiece tailor-made for your holiday greetings.

Christmas Card Mini-Session
Christmas Card Example

And wait, there’s more magic in this bag! Choose your potion – a bewitching bundle of 10 or 20 cards and envelopes. But heed this call, for the number is but a mere suggestion; should your heart desire more, more shall you have!

So, in the spirit of the season – nay, the anticipation of the season – mark your calendars, pet lovers and holiday enthusiasts! The 2023 Shooting The Dog Christmas Card Mini Photo-Shoots beckon, promising a fusion of festive fun and furry frolics that shall surely make Rudolph’s nose glow with envy.

2023 Prices

Pricing for 2023 is the same as last year – includes the mini-photoshoot, editing and artwork, as well as printing and envelopes.

10 Cards, all of the same design

20 Cards, all of the same design

10 Cards, 5 each of 2 designs

20 Cards, 10 each of 2 designs





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