July 2022 Update Blog

It’s about time we had a blog!

It’s the end of July already, so we should really give you an update about what has been going on.

This year has been really tough so far, with work almost drying up completely and a certain degree of panic setting in here at Shooting The Dog headquarters. Bills to pay and no money coming in is not a happy place to be. However, as usual I took a step back and considered what to do. So over the last three months (since my last blog post) we have been very busy behind the scenes. Oh, and we also made time to go back to a little bit of self-indulgent wildlife photography. Wildlife photography is where everything started for me, so it is nice to take time to get back and do some photography just for fun. Although I am very aware that that don’t pay no bills!

Anyway, here we go. This is what we have been up to.

Back To Wildlife Photography

I find wildlife photography so relaxing, it gives me a chance to sit around waiting and thinking about things. It’s a great chance to escape from all the worries and concerns and just take in everything that is around you. Here is a selection of what I have managed to photograph over the last few months.

The Day Job – Dog Photography

We have had a few photo shoots, and things do seem to be picking up again.

What The Customers Say

I just wanted to share some of the lovely feedback I have been getting from my customers recently:

Introducing Tom’s Basic Training

As my photography work was seeming to dry up, I thought it might be time to start using my qualification in dog behaviour. So, “Tom’s Basic Training” was born.

Many people seemed to be getting dogs and puppies since lockdown, and many I had spoken to had never had a dog before and were struggling a bit with their basic training. The idea of “Tom’s Basic Training” is to fill that gap. The aim is to give the new owners the tools they need to get the best from their new family member.

A Bit Of Web Site Work

I also spent a bit of time helping Flour Flower set up their new website: www.flourflower.co.uk

That was a bit of fun, as they are always asking for things I don’t know how to do it is always an education!

Middle Street Community Garden

We had the RHS “In Your Neighbourhood” judges visiting Brixham earlier this month. So, along with the other volunteers, I have been involved with hastily making the Middle Street Community Garden look a bit more appealing. It’s a never ending job keeping the weeds under control, as we all have other businesses to run as well.




What do you think?

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