Early Spring In The Woods

The weather here in Brixham over the last few days has been glorious. A hint of what is to come later in the year. Fidget and I have been making the most of it and visiting our local woodland. Early spring in the woods is a fantastic time; the beginnings of new life are everywhere.

Bursting Into Life

Early Spring In The Woods - Violet

Lesser celandine and dog tooth violets making the most of their short time in the spotlight. Wild garlic and bluebells preparing themselves for their time to shine later in the year. Looking a little closer you will see the spotty leaves of the Common Spotted Orchid beginning to appear.

And, although we can’t see them, we can hear the scurrying sounds of small mammals in the undergrowth near where we are walking.

The Songs of the Birds


The birds are doing their bit for Spring too, looking for potential mates and starting to build nests. We had Woodpeckers pecking away in the treetops, and some very enthusiastic Chiff-Chaffs living up to their onomatopoeic name. Blue Tits, Great Tits and Long-tailed Tits all chattering away in the hedgerows while feisty little Robins claim their little territories. Meanwhile, Corvids of all kinds bicker amongst themselves, in a cacophony of noise, for the best nesting spots.

Great Tit
Long Tailed Tit
Blue Tit

Insects Waking Up

Where there is a break in the tree canopy, the gorse is in full bloom. It’s bright yellow flowers stunning in the spring sunshine, but even brightening a gloomiest of days, and providing a vital early source of nectar for those insects that are already out and about.

Bee On A Gorse Flower

While out on the edges Buzzards perch on the tops of the hedgerows scanning for a potential meal.

Another plant offering early spring nectar in our local woods are the Alexanders, or Horse Parsley. In the past Alexanders were used in the treatment of asthma and healing wounds. You can find out more about their many uses here.

Horse Parsley

A sudden hush falls over the woodland as a pair of Buzzards fly over head, their eerie long “peeee-uu” call echoing through the woods. Then, as quickly as they arrived they have gone and the bird song returns to the woodland.

Early Spring In The Woods
The Woodland In Early Spring

It’s a wonderful time of year to be out and about, why not go out and explore your local woodland. There is just so much happening in the woods in early spring.





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