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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new budget range of wall art. Our normal range of wall art products are the best quality that we have been able to source. But that top quality comes at a premium price. As we are well aware EVERYTHING is getting more expensive, and so with that in mind we are introducing our “budget range”. Not quite the quality you get from our normal products, but still VERY good quality, but at a slightly more affordable price.

Budget Acrylic Panels

The hand-polished surface of the acrylic print enhances the depth effect of your photo, and the invisible hanging system makes the print appear as if it’s floating.

Exceptionally rich colours give your acrylic print a wonderfully expressive effect from any angle. Your glossy acrylic print will make intense colours simply glow, and bring out softer tints as well.

The look is achieved with professional 12-colour printing that allows the rich colour combinations to shine through in pin-sharp resolution. Your digital photo print is carefully laminated onto the crystal-clear plastic glass.

  • Material: Acrylic glass
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Edge: Transparent with rounded corners
  • Laminated print
Budget Acrylic Panel Range

Prices start at £95 for a 40cm x 30cm panel, while the nearest equivalent size acrylic panel in our normal range would be £240.

Budget Aluminium Panels

An aluminium print will reproduce any vivid photo memory down to the smallest detail. You can choose between glossy photo-paper lamination or the direct print technique, which gives a matte finish.

The core structure is made from a black plastic sheet enclosed between two aluminium panels, ensuring that your image is not only lightweight but stable too. The silvery edge gives your aluminium print a special sheen of elegance.

  • Material: Aluminium plates with a hard plastic core
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Edge: Black between metal plates, rounded corners
  • Laminated print (glossy surface) or direct print (matte surface)
Budget Aluminium Panel Range

Prices start at £105 for a 40cm x 30cm panel, while the nearest equivalent size aluminium dibond panel in our normal range would be £155.

Budget Photo Canvas Panels

The photo canvas print provides high-resolution printing on a fine-textured canvas which is stretched over a handmade wooden frame.

Printed with special UV-resistant inks that will prevent its original colours dissolving over time. And with no solvents in sight, the canvas prints are perfectly safe for children and allergy sufferers.

  • Canvas material: 100% Polyester (285g/m²)
  • Canvas stretched on wooden frame
  • Wooden frame thickness: 2cm or 4cm
Budget Canvas Print Range

Prices start at £73 for a 40cm x 30cm panel, while the nearest equivalent size canvas panel in our normal range would be £148.

I am still sorting out all the details for our new budget range of products, but rest assured, they will be up on the main web site just as soon as I have everything ready.

There will also be some new products that will only be available in our budget product range, more details of these will be coming soon.

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