Christmas Card Mini-Shoots

Christmas Card Mini-Shoots 2021

Christmas Card Mini-Shoots Are Back

We are ever so excited to be able to tell you that our very popular Christmas Card Mini-Shoots are back for 2021. Last year everything got complicated by the November lock-down, so some of you may have missed out on getting your Christmas Cards.

But this year we are back!

We will be offering our Christmas Card Mini-Shoots in the studio throughout October and November.

Christmas Card Example

What’s a Christmas Card Mini-Shoot?

Well, it sort of goes like this.

  • You bring your dog to the studio for a photoshoot in the normal manner. The shoot will be slightly shorter – we aim for a maximum of thirty minutes (but, you know dogs, it can sometimes take a bit longer).
  • We then edit the photographs and work our Christmas magic on them. Creating unique greetings cards for you to send to all your friends.
  • Then you get to come and choose the designs you like, or ask us to tweak them slightly.
  • We finalise the designs, and once you are happy we send everything off to our specialist printers. They in turn create our designs into fantastic Christmas cards for you.

Sounds Great – How much does it cost?

The cost will really depend on what you want. We have tried to keep things as affordable as possible, but we are constrained by the printing costs. Prices start at £40, which includes ten cards of the same design. This works out at £4 a card, which isn’t too bad for a unique Christmas Card design, featuring your best friend.

Prices go up to £60 for twenty cards with ten each of two designs. There are lots of complicated options in between which cost various prices in between. We can of course go to more than twenty cards if you wanted to, and we are happy to provide you with a quote for as many cards as want.

Okay, where do I book my session?

Just click the button below and fill in the form (just mention Christmas Cards in the enquiry details section). Then we will call you back at the convenient time you have chosen and make all the arrangements with you.

Looking Forward To Seeing You Soon

Benji Christmas Card

We look forward to seeing you all in the studio for your Christmas Card Mini-Shoot soon, as we make 2021 the best Christmas ever!





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