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Fidget’s Top Picks

Fidget The Studio Dog

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Fidget The Studio Dog

Fidget, as I am sure you are aware, is the studio dog, and is taking a little time today to share with you some his top picks when it comes to dog toys and accessories.

Okay, over to Fidget …

Dog Accessories

Best Harness And Lead

Truelove No Pull Dog Harness

I’m sure you have noticed the very smart orange harness I am wearing in many of my pictures. We have tried many harnesses over the years, but this has to be the best of the ones we have tried. It’s tough, and it doesn’t fall apart the moment you run into the sea. There is a nifty handle on the back so your owner can grab hold of you if they need to stop you heading somewhere you shouldn’t.

You can get it in a variety of colours, and you can even get matching leads. So whatever your look is, you can find one to match.

Stake Out Posts

A Camping Necessity

When we are away camping it is important that I don’t run around annoying other campers. So a stake out post is vital. It means I can wander about a bit around the tent while my owner does whatever it is he does when we are camping.

We use it with a double ended training lead, so that I don’t get too tangled up in the tent!

Dog Toys

Fidget's Top Picks - ChuckIt balls

Chuck-It Balls

When it comes to playing ball I’m not really that fussy what ball I have. But I have to say my favourite balls are the Chuck-It range. I particularly like the set of three balls that whistle in the wind when they are thrown. And judging from the reaction of some of my doggy friends, they all seem to prefer them too!

Ruff Dawg Twigs

Ruff Dawg Twigs & Sticks

I had a nasty accident when I was a puppy with a splinter from chewing a real stick. So, as I like sticks so much, we got some rubber ones. These are brilliant. You can play tug with them. They float in water, until you chew a hole in them. They are just brilliant fun.

The only advice would be not to leave your dog alone with them, because they will chew them up.

Fidget's Top Picks - Frisbees


I’m fairly new to the frisbee game, but enjoy it for a little while. To be honest I think my human gets more fun out of it than me. I get a bit bored and wander off to sniff stuff. But if you are into your frisbees then my top pick would be the Dog-O-Saurus discs. They are tough enough to even play a game of tug with and still stay in one piece.

That’s it for Fidgets’s top picks

That’s it for today’s top picks by Fidget, I’m sure he’ll be back with some more doggy wisdom soon.

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