The Summer Is Here

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The Summer Is Here
The Summer Is Here - Summer Photo Shoots

Summer Photo Shoots

The summer is here and things are beginning to hot up. Not ideal for outdoor dog photography as hot dogs are not what we want.

We will always ensure we have plenty of water for your dogs when we are on a location shoot, and have plenty of breaks to allow our models to cool off during the shoot.

If we feel our models are too hot, then we will stop the shoot and re-arrange for a cooler time.

The well being of the dog will always come first.

Evening Shoots

Now the summer is here it also means long light evenings. Which means we can look at photographing your dogs on location later in the day. This is better for all concerned, as it’s cooler for the dogs and the light is much better for photography.

The Summer Is Here - Evening Photo Shoots

The Setting Sun

Do you fancy a stunning portrait of your dog with the setting sun as a backdrop? Then we have portable external lighting that can make this happen.

We have even been known to get up early enough to catch the sunrise too.

The Summer Is Here - The Rising Sun
The Summer Is Here - The Setting Sun

Down In The Woods

The Summer Is Here - Down In The Woods

Another option for a sunny summer’s day photoshoot is a nice walk in a shady woodland. We can meet you at your favourite shady spot and capture your dog having fun amongst the trees.

Cool Off In The Water

And now that summer is here, we’re even happy to get in the water to cool off with your dog.

Cool off in the water
Cool off in the water

Dogs are not welcome on all beaches in Torbay during the summer. But you can find a useful list of where you can and can’t go here.

The Summer Is Here - Cool off in the water

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