Photo Shoot Time

It’s Photo Shoot Time!

Restarting The Photo Shoots

Time for the first “post lockdown” photo shoot. April the 12th came and went, and the studio is back open. Ralph and Daisy arrived at 11 a.m. and it was time to remember how to photograph dogs.

At just 15 weeks old, Ralph was an absolute superstar. He took to posing for the camera very quickly and we had a blast.

This is what photo shoot time is all about!

I thought I would video some of the session to let you see the fun we have during a photo session.

It's Photo Shoot Time
It's Photo Shoot Time

Daisy on the other hand was a little more camera shy and was rather reluctant to cooperate. But a little coaxing with some tasty treats and we started to get somewhere.

It's Photo Shoot Time

If your dog is ready for photo shoot time, then contact us through the website,
and we’ll soon be calling you to arrange the details.

Out On The Dog Walk

Meanwhile, I am still busy photographing the dogs we meet on our dog walks. The “Dog Walk Gallery” now has over 250 photographs. A glimpse of the many dogs that Fidget and me meet while we are out and about around Brixham. As lock down restrictions ease further, I am looking at arranging some organised sessions in the local area. So if you would like to get your dog in the gallery follow our facebook page, and watch out for more information.

Dow Walk Gallery
The Dog Walk Gallery

Please visit the Dog Walk Gallery to view and purchase the images.
Oh, and share with all your fiends, in case their dog is featured.

It’s great to be back doing what I love. I look forward to meeting you and your best friend very soon.



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