The Dog Walk Gallery

The creation of the Dog Walk Gallery has kept me sane during the last three months of lockdown. It has allowed me to keep my eye in when it comes to dog photography, and given me the chance to photograph many more types of dog than I would have done just in the studio. And, at least I think, has improved my outdoor dog photography.

Highest Quality Artwork

It has, of course, also allowed me to generate a new income stream. Several owners have now purchased prints from the gallery, and that all helps to pay the bills!

It’s not just standard photographic prints though; we also offer fine art prints, canvases and metal prints. All artwork from the dog walk gallery is printed and delivered direct to your door by our specialist photographic print supplier. Ensuring that your chosen artwork is of the highest quality available.

Beyond The Lockdown

We have enjoyed producing this gallery so much that we now intend to continue creating images while out on our dog walks and keep the gallery a permanent feature. We may, once restrictions allow, start letting people know where we will be on certain dates. Allowing you to bring your dogs along to a certain location, at a certain time of day, and we’ll be there to photograph them. We haven’t thought this through completely yet, but as soon as we get our tiny brain around it, we’ll sort out the nitty gritty details.

Come and take a look at the dog walk gallery, and see if anyone you know has made it on there yet

Back In The Studio Soon!

All being well, we should be able to re-open the studio on the 12th April. From the beginning of April we will start contacting those of you who have been patiently waiting for us to re-open. The idea at the moment is to provide you with a provisional shoot date, which, of course, we might have to change if the easing of lockdown restrictions is delayed. But at least we will be getting the wheels in motion.

If you wish to get on the waiting list for a studio or outdoor location shoot then please do contact us, and we’ll add you to growing list of owners who are waiting patiently for things to open up.

We do so hope that we can see you and your best friends very soon!



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