February Tales – 2021

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Tales From a February Lock Down

So, here we are. Middle of February and still in lock down and not able to work. I was so looking forward to 2021. I had such plans for pushing the business forward, getting more clients, and making more money. But I find myself, half way through the second month of the new year, unable to work. Unable to do the thing I really love doing. It’s been tough, but we will get through the other side of this and come back stronger.

So what have I been doing?

Like everyone else I have been slobbed out on the couch watching box sets. Promising myself I will get lots of things done that needed doing, but never quite getting around to doing them. Oh, and of course walking the dog!


Walking The Dog

There has been plenty of time for lots of dog walking, The local beaches, woods and parkland have hosted us. And we have enjoyed every minute. Well, I have; Fidget seems to be getting a bit fed up with having his picture taken everywhere we go. But I have to keep practicing for when I can get back to doing it properly.

One of the things we have been able to introduce to the web site is the new Lock Down Dog Walk Gallery. When I have the camera with me on the dog walk, we sometimes meet other dogs out on their walk. The opportunity is sometimes too good to miss. So, we have started sharing the photographs I take on our dogs walk in a gallery. Just in case the humans we meet might want to buy some copies of the photographs we take.

Covid safe photography

All Socially Distanced

With the use of a long lens we can take these photographs in a completely Covid safe manner. But it does give me an opportunity to make a little money while the studio remains closed. If you recognise any of the dogs please share with their owners. Sometimes they don’t even know we have photographed them.

You can access the dog walk gallery here:

That’s It For February

Well, that’s it for this February Lock Down blog. I hope you are all staying safe and well. With a bit of luck, I will be able to tell you the exciting news about reopening the studio in the next blog post. Spring is coming and a photo of your dog among the bluebells or daffodils may be just what you need to cheer you up. In the meantime, enjoy your walks and keep chasing balls. And if you do bump into us, there is a good chance your dog might end up in the Dog Walk Gallery.

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