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September Worries.

September Covid-19 Worries

Well the sun is still shining, and we’re still enjoying the end of what has been a strange summer. However, September seems to come with it’s own worries. Constant media attention on Covid-19 measures and possibly more lockdowns raise those worry bars somewhat. I’m not sure that my little business would be able to survive another long lockdown. We are coming up to our busiest time of year and if we can not take bookings (and more importantly make money) then it is going to be a major struggle to make ends meet. It won’t be just me of course, every small business is going to have the same problems, and I just can’t see the UK government being willing to prop up the small businesses.

They have provided some help, and many of us would not have lasted this long without it. But I am still struggling to understand a system for the self-employed that worked out how much support you needed based on how successful you had been over the previous years. If you had a successful trading period in the lead up to lockdown you got more help than if you were already struggling BEFORE lockdown. In my simplistic view, the one’s that were struggling should have been the one’s to get more help. But hey, what do I know!

Help Where You Can

So, I just ask that you help where you can to support the small fish.

  • Wear a mask when expected to do so. It might be uncomfortable, or you might feel it invades your civil liberties, or whatever. What it does mean is that we can keep trading, and that is important.
  • Respect people’s space. Keep your distance, the further away from me your are, the less chance I can give you something nasty, and vice versa.
  • Don’t block the pavements. I know you have to queue at some places, but leave enough room for people to pass by. If people can not get to the small businesses then they can’t support them.
  • Just be nice to each other. We are all under a lot of stress, just chill out a bit. We haven’t made the rules, but we do have to follow them if we want to stay open. Don’t take that out on us.

… And In Other News

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September Worries
Underwater shot of Fidget, because I can!

Okay, that’s it.

That’s enough for now, I’ll get off my high horse. We can get through all this rubbish if we stick together. Remember, support small local businesses where you can and help sooth my September worries.



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