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From Framing Workshop To Super Studio

The work is underway!

The transformation from our framing workshop to our new studio area is well underway. But I thought I should let you know what is happening just in case you think we are closing down.

When Mel came and started making frames in the shop, many years ago, we separated an area off for him on one side of the shop. Here he could hide away from prying eyes and get about his framing. It also allowed us to keep sharp blades and glass away from the public, as well providing storage space for mouldings, glass and mount board.

The partition we created when we set-up the framing area has come down and several years of muck and rubbish that has accumulated is being cleared out.

From workshop to studio

Once the transformation is complete I’ll have the full width of the building to create my new studio space in. So no more backing into walls as I try to get the perfect shot. I also want to create a nice comfortable area for our clients to come and view their images. There should also be plenty of space to show examples of the wonderful products we can supply.

There is a lot of scrubbing and painting needed. But it will be worth it in the end. But I do need to get a move on as the August calendar is filling up!

I will make sure I keep you posted as to how things work out.

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