Happy Birthday To Us

Happy 13th Birthday To Us

Thirteen Years And Still Going

Happy 13th Birthday to us!
This month we celebrate 13 years since we opened the little shop in Middle Street, Brixham.
We have changed a bit since then, as have the shops around us, and we are still adapting to change all the time.

What Is Changing Now?

We are entering an exciting new stage for Shooting The Dog, as we close down the Framing Dept. and adapt the front of the shop to be a full sized studio space. We are going to be concentrating completely on the dog and pet photography over the next few years.

If the three months of lock down has taught us anything, then the fact we don’t set-up our own businesses to do things we don’t enjoy is one of them. The only thing we were missing during that period was photographing the pets.

While social distancing is in place we will be operating strictly on an appointment basis. Ideally we would like you to contact us via the web site .

Once you have contacted us, we’ll call you back at a convenient time to discuss your requirements and start making plans to make it a reality.

New Client Galleries

This week we have been busy moving our client galleries onto a new easier to use system. It’s been a bit of a learning curve to say the least. But it allows us provide an enhanced experience for clients when they come to the studio to view their images. It also makes it much easier for our “remote” clients to order the exact products they want.

Part of this exercise, was to decide what framing options to offer. As we no longer can frame in-house, we had to cut down the choices of frames available. We are hoping that less choice makes it easier decide. But, if there is a particular type of frame you want then it is fairly easy to check with our new frame supplier whether we can provide it, and how much it will cost.

Loose Prints

If we can’t find the frame you want, there is no need to panic. We are now offering a range of “loose prints”. Straight from our specialised print supplier, unmounted and unframed. So you can take your prints to your favourite framer and have them framed exactly as you want them.

In At The Deep End

This week also saw our first photo shoot since the lock down. Rather than easing ourselves in gently, we had a puppy reunion to photograph. Four mad six month puppies, and a few friends and family. Nice and simple then!

A morning session in the local park, followed by an afternoon on the beach. Absolute chaos – but lots of fun.

photo shoot
photo shoot
photo shoot
photo shoot

Happy 13th Birthday To Us

So, that’s the first thirteen years done. Now we have to make the next thirteen years be as much fun.

After all we get to meet lots of amazing animals, some nice humans, and go to some fabulous locations. Oh, and we are going to have our newly decorated, super studio space … there is so much to look forward to.



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