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Post Lock Down Changes At Shooting The Dog

The End Of The Framing Dept.

Melvin, who was maestro of all things framing has finally decided to hang up his framing tools and take his much earned retirement. I think three months of lock down made him realise that he enjoyed being at home.

Mel has been working from the shop in Middle Street for about ten years now. So I shall miss the cursing and muttering that comes from his little corner of the shop. I will take this opportunity of wishing him a long and happy retirement, although I suspect that he will be kept busy with lots of little jobs at home. A big thank you from me for all the hard work Mel has put in during his time here.

I tried framing when I first opened the shop, and quickly realised that I was neither that interested in it, or particularly good at it. For this reason, we will no longer be offering framing services. I would suggest that you take a look at Sands Road Framing in Paignton for any framing needs you might have.

It’s All Going To The Dogs!

So, I guess you are all wondering what is going to be happening with me. Well, it’s the perfect time to make a few changes to the business.

The lock down has given me plenty of time to think about what I really want to be doing. The answer , of course, is photographing dogs (and other creatures). If you work for yourself you should be doing things you enjoy rather than just trying to scrape an existence.

So over the next month or so I will be reclaiming the space that Mel has been using for framing and opening up the full width of the shop to use as the studio. I am thinking about the viewing sessions as well. So I will be looking to make a nice comfy space to welcome clients in to view their images.

I will be concentrating fully on the dog and pet photography business and (hopefully) earning enough to eat occasionally. This means the little, time consuming and not very profitable jobs I have done in the past will be stopping also. So no more prints from phones, copying photographs, restoring old photos, etc. I need to put myself fully behind the dog photography if I am going to make it a success. Things were really beginning to go well just before lock down. Now I need to get it back to where I was three months ago.

I know I can make it work, and now seems to be the right time to fully commit to something I really believe in and that I enjoy doing; and stop doing the things I don’t.

Oh, and if you currently have any framing or scanning/copying work in with us, don’t panic! We will be completing all the jobs that we currently have before changing things around.

See You Soon

So, once again a big thank you to Mel for all his hard work over the years and I hope he enjoys pottering about his garden. Fidget and I will be around for a bacon roll as soon as we are allowed to!

I’m off to buy a lottery ticket, just in case!

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