With Additional Lighting

Covid-19 Business Update

Restarting As Lock down Eases

Since the Covid-19 lock down I haven’t really been able to do any of the things I love doing, mainly photographing your dogs. So I thought I would give you an update on how Covid-19 is affecting the business, and my plans to properly begin restarting as lock down eases.

Covid-19 Business Update
It’s all on-location at the moment

The Pet Photography

At the moment the studio remains closed and I am spending most of my time sitting at home trying to work out how to make a living. I’m not the only one, and I am in a much better position than most to get through this. So I am not complaining, in fact I am quite enjoying lock down.

I opened up for bookings for on-location photo shoots in the last week or so. Keeping to the government advice on socially distancing. As this guidance keeps changing I will review what I can and can’t do as the situation changes.

The longer evenings and some new equipment means that I can shoot at pretty much anytime of day to suit you. Though, of course, I can’t do much about rain!

Open For Bookings
Open for on-location photo shoots

New Equipment For New Locations

I have recently invested in some new equipment that allows me to take a mini studio out on location with me. This allows me much more freedom when on location and I have spent quite a bit of time recently getting to grips with the new gear. So once those bookings come flying in I will know what I am doing.

To show you the difference it can make I have shown some comparison photos below. These photos were taken at the same time of day, in the same place, with the strong morning sun just over Fidget’s left shoulder.

Without Additional LightingWith Additional Lighting
Without and with additional lighting comparison

Restarting Studio Shoots

The Government has given a provisional date for photographic studios to open of the 15th June. This is dependant on being able to comply with their social distancing guidelines, and them not changing their minds!

My studio is on the rather small size, and being able to comply with the guidelines completely is proving a challenge. However, I like challenges and will be doing everything I can to ensure I can open the studio as soon as possible.

I will have to be doing things rather differently, and as soon as I have worked out the details I will let you know. Things in general are going to be somewhat different on the high street and only time will tell how the necessary Covid-19 changes are going to affect us all.

All ready to go!

So, keep an eye out for another Covid-19 business update with details of how we will be restarting in the studio as the lock down measures are eased.

The Arty-Farty Stuff

I am looking at continuing to offer some of the “arty-farty” stuff after lock down eases. I will be producing a detailed price list for this sort of work in the near future. It certainly gives some other options to what I can provide clients from a photo shoot. It’s also rather fun to do!

Arty-Farty Stuff
Water Colour Effect

The Framing Dept.

The framing department is another issue. Mel, who does all the framing work, falls into the vulnerable group, despite his youthful looks. He has been keeping well out of the way for some time now. The challenge here is providing a safe environment for him to continue his work with out putting him at any risk. Again, the size and layout of the shop doesn’t really lend itself to socially distancing.

So, for now, we are not taking in any new framing jobs.

We do have a bit of a backlog of jobs that we will complete as soon as we feel we can do them in a safe manner. Please be patient, and we will contact you as soon as the work is complete to arrange a safe way to deliver your work to you.

Again, once I have some idea of how we are looking to proceed then I will let you know through the normal channels.

That’s it for our
Covid-19 Business Update.

Please stay safe and well.

I hope to see you and your pet soon.







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