The Great Outdoors

By Shooting The Dog
The Great Outdoors

Outdoor Pet Photography

The COVID-19 government restrictions mean that I have to change the emphasis of my dog photography, and look at the great outdoors. So to allow me to continue doing the thing I love, photographing dogs, I need to look at what on location photography can offer me and my clients. With the aid of my dog, Fidget, I want to show you some ideas of what I can achieve away from the confines of the studio.

At The Beach

On location, at the beach
On location at the beach
Action photography at the beach

Even though the summer beach restrictions for dogs are now in place, we still have some fabulous locations available to us.

Beaches make wonderful locations for action photography. There is plenty of room for my models to leap about and have fun. I always want my models to have fun!

Sometimes I will even get in the water with my models to capture some wonderful swimming shots both above and below the water. Although I must point out I normally like the sea to be a little bit warmer than it is currently!

If you are thinking about a beach location then check the local dog restrictions to find out which locations are possible.

A quieter moment on the beach

The beach doesn’t have to be all about action. Those quieter moments give me a chance to capture some wonderful shots as well. Even the most active dogs will eventually take a moments rest in between the fun and frolics.

With rocks and rock pools making fabulous backdrops to those intimate moments.

In The Park

Our local parks and green spaces also make on location photography possible in the great outdoors. Once again we have plenty of locations to choose from. Again, wonderful action shots will show off your dog to their athletic best. Or maybe a more sedate pose is your preference. Whatever you decide, I will ensure you get a memory to treasure.

In the park
All action ball catching
On Location In The Park
Fun in the park

The dog About Town

Dog in the town

We are very lucky to live in a very picturesque place. So even our towns make for exciting locations in the great outdoors. Many of our local towns have harbours and marinas that make wonderful backdrops. But even those towns away from the sea will have plenty of possible locations.

So if I have given you some ideas for that dog photograph that would fill the gap on your wall then it’s time to get in contact. We will be socially distancing of course and following the government guidelines at all times. You can find out more about how we will operate here.

On Location In The Town
Fidget in the town

The Great Outdoors

Ready for your outdoor, on location photo shoot?
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