Living Under Lock Down

How we are surviving Lock down

Like most people we are living under the lock down restrictions. For me and Fidget this means one walk a day, which he is not happy about. But we are also playing lots of games inside, and having lots of snuggles.

Sharing Our Walks

I decided that, when possible I would take my camera with me on our walks and have been sharing these on my personal Facebook page. People seem to appreciate it when they can’t get out so much.

Keep Practicing

Although I can’t do any paid pet photography at the moment, I am trying to keep my hand in as much as possible. Fidget is nearly always a willing model for action shots, although I think even he is beginning to get bored with it now!

practicing the action shots
Playing Ball
Action shot
Chase the ball

Our Easter Parade Contest

The Easter Parade contest to win a pet photo shoot is still on, and entries are beginning to arrive. So if you want to be in with a chance of winning you need to get you entries in by the end of day on Good Friday. You can find all the information and the entry form here.

Staying in, Staying Safe

Although it is difficult living under the lock down restrictions it really is necessary. I worry about the debt that is accumulating for both the business and personally. But I can’t work so I can’t earn any money, so I can’t pay the bills! Hopefully, before too long I will start seeing some of the money that the government has promised and I can pay off some of the debt.

It is very frustrating as we have a lot of money tied up in work we have in the shop to complete, but we can’t complete it due to the lock down, so we can’t get paid.

Never mind, at least I get to spend lots of one on one time with my little Fidget, who seems to be taking a liking to social distancing!

Social distancing
surviving the lock down
staying in, staying safe

Try and stay positive everyone, and hopefully this weird situation will soon be over.







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