Indoor Dog Exercise Ideas

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With measures being put in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we might be forced to spend more time indoors, but that doesn’t have to mean that we can’t find fun ways to exercise our dogs.

Indoor Dog Exercise

Ideas for Indoor Exercise

We thought we would share some ideas to keep you and your dog exercised indoors. Lots of fun, and rewarding for both you and your dog. You might even end up with a better behaved best friend.

1. Indoor Fetch

These games are usually played outside, but why not bring them inside. If you have enough space in your house, these can be a great way to help your dog stay active. If your space is more restricted, a hallway can do the job. Get into the game by throwing his favourite toy or ball and race with him to get it instead of just watching him chase for it. Ideally, try to pick out a soft toy or soft ball. This way, both of you will have lots of fun without breaking any valuable items.

Indoor Fetch

2. A Game Of Tug

Tug-of-war is a really fun game to play. No equipment is needed except for a rope or an old piece of cloth. It can be very good to help your dog learn self-control. However, you have to be conscious that this game can be risky. It may bring out aggressive behaviour in your dog. A relationship of trust and respect must already be established in order for you to enjoy this sort of game.

Tug Of War

3. Do Some Training

Do some training

Spend some time reinforcing basic training, or teach your dog a new trick. It’s great mental exercise for your dog, and a wonderful bonding exercise. A good starting point is to teach your dog to come to your hand.

You can find lots of inspiration here

4. Enrichment Toys

Toys you can hide treats in, or that have puzzles for your dog to solve to get a treat are great ways to keep your dog entertained. Mental stimulation ideas are as important as physical exercise ideas.

Our good friends at Ruffle Snuffle have all sorts of exciting toys, Fidget loves his Ruffle Snuffle mat. You could try making your own from egg boxes, plastic cups or whatever, and hiding treats in them. Just makes sure they are dog safe!

5. A Relaxing Massage

A nice massage

Your dog will love time spent giving them a massage.

You can find out more here.

So even if you can’t get out and about with your dog as much as you would have liked to, there are plenty of things you can do for a bit of indoor dog exercise. When you have finished you could always relax and take a look at our website, and maybe book you and your well exercised friend in for a pet photo shoot.

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