Is Pet Photography Expensive?

We hear it a lot from people outside the studio. Admiring the photographs in the window and then telling each other how expensive it must be; even though they haven’t asked us. So today’s post is all about the money. But is pet photography really that expensive?

At this point I could start complaining about how much it costs to run a photography business, and, yes, we have our overheads like any business – and we want to make a profit and eat occasionally.

So why does Pet Photography seem expensive?

Well to be honest it’s not cheap. But then if you wanted cheap you wouldn’t be looking at a professional pet photographer. We don’t want to be cheap!

What we want is to offer is value for money, good service, and professional, high quality products.

I have tried keeping costs down in the past by using cheaper suppliers, but in the end quality tells. No-one wants to have to keep delaying their customers because a supplier has sent another duff bunch of products which then had to get reprinted. Paying slightly more – and hence having to charge slightly more – to ensure that the products we provide our customers are the best we can get, is a much better option.

We want to provide artwork that will last a lifetime, memories that live on forever – that shouldn’t really fall into the cheap bracket.

A Quick Comparison

Let’s take a look at one of our popular products – our wonderful 20 x 16 acrylic panel.

A glossy high definition print that oozes quality and definitely makes a statement in any home. It’s fabulous … and it currently retails at about £290.

If looked after properly, it will last a lifetime – so that’s a one time cost.

Acrylic Panel

We decided to take a look around on the internet for something to compare this to, to try and show what great value for money this investment would be, in a light hearted manner.

We struggled to find anything interesting to be honest, but we did find one or two interesting things.

Make-up – I’m not making this up!

According to a study in 2017, women spend an average of £450 per year on make-up. That would almost pay for two of our acrylic gallery panels- and you would be able to wear make-up again next year!

An average of £200 a year is just spent on fixing eyebrows that were plucked to oblivion only a few years ago.

Must Have Coffee … Really, I Need A Coffee!

In the UK the average person is spending more than £300 a year on coffee, and over £700 a year on wine.

If you just cut down a bit not only would your blood pressure thank you, but you would soon be able to afford one of our fabulous acrylic gallery panels … that will last forever.

So What I mean is ….

Although pet photography can look expensive, once you look at how much we spend on things that really don’t last long (especially coffee and wine, in my particular case) then you can see that it really is good value for money. And with a £50 credit towards wall art purchases when you book your photo shoot, then I would go as far as to say it’s a bargain.

Cut down on your wine, coffee and make-up

Book your pet in for a photo shoot







What do you think?

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