Dogs & drugs & rock ‘n roll

The last few months have been a bit stressful. My dog, Fidget, suffers from epilepsy. He has been taking epiphen to control it for the last three years. Unfortunately, these drugs have now started to impact his liver function. So we need to slowly move him off the epiphen and onto something else.

Changing the tablets

We started to reduce the dosage, but apparently went a bit too far. Fidget then had 28 seizures over three days. Which considering he hadn’t had a seizure for two months was concerning. We upped the dosage slightly and fortunately the seizures stopped.

But after a few days he started shaking and tremouring, and generally became lethargic and very wobbly on his back legs.

Time to reduce the dosage again!

Now we are getting the balance right, and he is seeming much better. Next dose reduction is next week, so we are hoping we don’t kick off any more seizures.






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