Cold and quiet January

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It’s beginning to get a bit chilly here in Brixham, at least in the back of the shop. As usual we never quite know whether we are going to be busy or not, as people recover from the Christmas festivities. But a quiet time now gives us a chance to plan for the exciting times ahead.

red sails promo shot
Gin Bottles

One thing that has been keeping me busy this month is something completely new to me. I was asked by a local company to photograph their gin. Who would have thought lighting and photographing a bottle could be so difficult, especially if you normally photograph dogs!

Never being one to turn away from a challenge, and after much grumbling and swearing from the back of the studio, I managed to produce some images that I was reasonably happy with – let’s hope the client will be too.

Onward into 2019

Meanwhile, lot’s of wonderful ideas are slowly falling into place to move the pet photography business forward into 2019. Lots more social media coverage, and getting our message out to potential clients.

I already have two confirmed bookings for February, so I hope the trend continues and the rest of the year fills up nicely.

The “Shooting The Dog” Brand

The move over to the “Shooting The Dog” brand is well under way, the first step being this web site. Then there are business cards and flyers, the list seems to be endless.

So I probably got far too excited over my new boxes … but they are rather sexy, in a cardboard box sort of way.

The new full colour price lists have arrived and look fantastic. I previously had printed my own price lists on an ancient laser printer, but sadly it gave up the ghost last week. I had to make the choice of buying a new laser printer or getting them printed properly. I’m so glad I chose the latter now that I have seen them.


Also arriving this week are the new promotional doggy bandannas, ready to be handed out to our lucky clients. Here modeled by my very own little Fidget.

So Shooting The Dog is pretty much ready to face the coming year, and anything that it might like to throw in our direction.

And if all else fails we can always start drinking the gin!

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