A long over due blog post.

By Shooting The Dog

Firstly, many apologies for the lack of posts recently, but have been busy with shop things, and then have been laid up with sciatica for the last few months, so posting blog updates has been way down on my to do list.


Anyway, on to Shooting The Dog; yesterday I had a Border Collie in for a photo shoot. I could tell as soon as he came in that he was a little nervous and so, as I was doing my thing behind the camera, I asked his owners about his background. They told me that he was a rescue dog, and had started life on a farm, expected to be the bee’s knees at being a sheep dog.


Unfortunately, he was afraid of the sheep, and the other farm dogs would pick on him; so he had to find a new home. It was also apparent that he had suffered some sort of abuse, because if you held anything up above his head he would cower down in a very submissive manner. His owners explained that when they first got him he spent three days hiding under the table, and wouldn’t come out.


Fortunately, they stuck with him, and after a lot of work, and loads of patience, they now have a very sweet dog, who, although still very nervous of new things, is a gentle, intelligent animal that was very soon posing his tail off in front of the camera.


So here’s a big thank you to all those people who take on “problem” dogs and help to turn things around and give them loving homes.

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